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Helpful resources for creating, managing and operating 2key products and features
What is 2key network?
How can I join the 2key network?
What's the difference between 2key network and other existing services?
Why does 2key network work on top of Ethereum blockchain
What is a Dapp?
Is 2key a type of software I need to install or download?
What is 2key's unique technology?
Why is 2key better than other solutions on the market?
What are smart contracts?
What are the advantages of smart contracts over existing technologies?
How can I trust the 2key smart contracts?
How much does it cost to use the 2key network?
How does 2key plan to become a mainstream solution?
Who's behind the 2key network?
What's the incentive for the 2key team to continue to build and maintain the 2key network?
What is 2KEY Token?
What is the 2KEY token used for?
What kind of token is 2KEY?
Which wallets can be used to store 2KEYs?
Why generate a distinct token, as opposed to using Ether?
How do I buy 2KEYs?
What’s a cryptocurrency wallet?
What's the difference between my wallet, my address and my private keys?
What is a mnemonic?
Where should I store my Mnemonic?
What type of wallets does 2key network support?
What kind of wallet is 2key wallet?
On a 2key wallet - where is my Private Key stored?
How can I restore access if I lose the mnemonic?
How can I restore access if I lose passphrase?
How can I restore access if I lose both the passphrase and mnemonic?
Can I keep my Private Key so it will not be stored on 2key's servers?
What happens if 2key's database is hacked? Can all my funds be stolen?
Are my tokens and funds insured?
How many addresses can I pair with one account?
I have a private account and a page, do I need a different wallets for each one?
What is the difference between my user wallet and my page wallet?
What is a referrer?
How can I share 2key links?
Do I need to have a 2key account to forward 2key links?
Do I need to have a crypto wallet to forward 2key links?
Who should I send the campaigns that are sent to me?
Will I be rewarded every time I share a 2key link?
I participated in a campaign that achieved its goals. Why didn't I receive a reward?
In what currency will I be rewarded?
What's the 2key reputation score?
How is my reputation score calculated?
How can I restore my reputation score?
Who will get to view my reputation score?
What type of campaigns does 2key support?
What is unique about 2key campaigns?
What are smart contracts?
How do I join the 2key network as a campaigner?
How do I create a 2key campaign?
Do I need a crypto wallet to create a 2key campaign?
Who pays for the Gas for deploying a 2key smart contract?
How much does it cost to create a campaign?
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Creating a Zoom SmartSession
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