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The Problem

2key Protocol is an all-in-one solution for DAPPs

DApps lack users as the on-boarding process is complicated and expensive. 2key Protocol allows DApps to on-board any person on the internet by turning their browser into a node with a non-custodial wallet that can seamlessly acquire DApp tokens with fiat. 

The Protocol is a layer-two scalability solution, cutting through any bottlenecks DApps face. Its ability to natively offer DApp developers access to third-party service providers, called integrators, ensures developers only need to worry about their work. 

It allows any DApp developer to accept any digital currency or even credit card, giving them the same degree of freedom as Android or iOS developers.

People are used to going from fiat to instant app usage; now, they will go from fiat to instant DApp usage.

2key Protocol

Opening the gates to crypto space

Crypto adoption rate remains low due to complex onboarding process and steep learning curve. 2key protocol eliminates that barrier of entry, bridging the gap between HTTP links and smart contracts by turning users’ browser into a node with a non-custodial address that can seamlessly reward actions with tokens.  Users do not even realize that they are part of the Web 3.0 revolution until they decide to withdraw their rewards. That is how user-friendly 2key network design is!

2key is a layer-2 scalability solution interacting with Ethereum mainnet to combine the agility, flexibility, and speed of layer-2 with the immutability, and stability of layer-1 while minimizing the gas costs.

In the near future, 2key SDK will enable developers to jumpstart DApp development and enrich apps and software by accessing the protocol functionalities and web 3.0

2key is paving the way for full Web 2.0-Web 3.0 inter-operability.

2key network’s advanced token economy already works

2key network is designed to exponentially grow from organic demand. Each new user is incentivized to spread the word. Each conversion creates new demand for 2KEY tokens.

The 2KEY Token

2key Network

Self-Managed P2P Referral Campaign With SmartLinks

People are 5 times more likely to try a product or service referred to them by someone they know. Yet, today, accessing the technology needed to manage referral campaigns is out of reach of many SMBs and SMEs, either because of its upfront cost or because of the configuration and implementation complexity. 

2key network has zero entry barriers, it is fully self-service, and doesn’t require any coding or integration, and charges no upfront fees. The smart contract embedded in a 2key SmartLink tracks all interaction with the link down a referral chain and automatically distributes the rewards earned when a defined conversion occurs.

The network currently has 2 live products on mainnet- Donations and Token Sale, and will be launching its main product- Track any link on a PPC model, along with the 2KEY token during Q2 2020.

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2key Mission

Accelerate User Adoption by Making Web 3.0 as User- Friendly as Web 2.0

2key cutting edge technology, developed in parallel with its unique product, positions 2key to be a key actor in onboarding the non-crypto Internet users onto the decentralized web.

With 2key SmartLinks, users don’t even need to know about the existence of Web 3.0 to leverage its advantages. For them, 2key’s interface is very similar to the interface they are used to. The incentive to share triggers them into action and accessing their reward is as uncomplicated as cashing in air mile points, probably less.

As 2key believes in “show don’t tell”, we generated organic demand for 2KEY tokens through the launch of live products before distributing tokens.

2key technology fairly redistributes Internet wealth to the people.

Partnerships & Collaborations

2key Protocol is an all-in-one solution to most of Web 3.0 problems

2Key Innovation makes it possible for the 3.2 Billion people connected to the internet to instantly onboard to WEB 3.0 by turning their browser into an ERC Client. Try it Now!

The 2key Team

Erez Ben Kiki

Founder, CEO

eiTan LaVi

Founder, CTO

Udi Ben-Reuven

Chief Scientist

Andrii Pindiura

Director of Engineering

Nikola Madjarevic

Director of Blockchain R&D

Idan Portal

Back-End Engineer

Nadav Mizrahi

Graphic Designer

Ma Lourdes Viado

Senior QA Engineer

Jun Carlo Limoran

Senior QA Automation

Ziv Oz

Marketing Manager

Nataniel Elkaim

CRM Manager

Lorraine Ilagan

QA & Support Engineer

Patricia de Hemricourt

Content Manager

Aleksei Tcelishchev

Back-End Engineer

Mark Anthony Mercado

QA & Support Engineer

Erika Liongco

QA & Support Engineer

Marko Lazic

Solidity Engineer (Intern)

Tal-Onn Sela

Head of Growth

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Much more detailed information and knowledge can be found in 2key documents:

2KEY Token is integrated in KYBERSWAP !


2key Roadmap

2017 / Q2
  • Light bulb moment - With Blockchain Tech and Smart contracts we can solve huge problems for online marketing!
  • Birth of 2key concept and project launch
  • 2key’s core team is formed
2017 / Q3
  • Completion of Legal and administrative framework
  • Early-stage development of technological protocol prototype
  • Drafting network MVP specification
2017 / Q4
  • Completion of design & architecture for network V1.0
  • Completion of V1 on web2.0 zero-integration single-step referral for lead generation
  • Testing the 2key protocol POC on Ethereum testnet
2018 / Q1
  • Release of whitepaper version V1.0
  • Completion of Multi-step protocol V1.0
  • Completion POC of acquisition campaign is achieved
  • Launch of seed round
2018 / Q2
  • Completion of Network’s MVP
  • Publication of technical whitepaper and yellow paper
  • Registration of first 2 patents
  • Partnering with leading projects like Enigma and Civic
  • Completion of Seed Round - $1.5M secured from notable industry contributors
2018 / Q3
  • Completion of Tokenomics V1.0
  • Release of 2key incentive model paper
  • Completion of vote/petition campaigns POC
  • Completion of 2key’s network back-end development
2018 / Q4
  • Completion of Token sale vertical V1.0
  • Completion 2key wallet V1.0
  • Completion 2key KYC product
  • Constitution of 2key Labs
2019 / Q1
  • Delivery of 2key Network’s alpha version including Token Sale vertical
  • Release of 2key’s tracking graph V1.0
  • Deployment of 2key nodes using Plasma tech
  • Completion of Donation vertical Design+ Technical specs
  • Launch of “Sign-Up” campaign yields 3000 account openings.
2019 / Q2
  • Deployment of Testnet on Ropsten
  • Integration of Valid network
  • Integration of Simplex
  • Launch of Bug Bounty program
2019 / Q3
  • Deployment of 2key Graph integration
  • Completion of whitepaper V2.0
  • Collaboration with Dao Maker and Social Mining + integration
  • Launch of Token Sale campaigns
2019 / Q4
  • Deployment of Reputation Mechanism V1.0
  • Onboarding 20 design partners, integrators and launch partner contractors
  • Deployment of PPC-track any link V 1.0 on test-net
  • Onboarding first 5k users on testnet
2020 / Q1
  • Soft launch of tokens and donation products on 2key mainnet
  • Integration of first CRM
  • Implementation of Multi-Party-State-Networks (MPSN) Stage 1 — Plasma mining, browser validation
  • Expanding Simplex integration to additional fiat currencies
  • Creation of 2KEY tokens on Ethereum mainnet!
2020 / Q2
  • Official distribution of 2KEY token
  • Official launch of 2key network on mainnet
  • Official launch of PPC, track any link V1.1
  • Launch of embeddable Share & Earn buttons.
  • Launch of 2key for 2key- invite a friend/ Community pool initiation
  • Integration of In-App Notifications V1
  • Integration of additional ERC 20 stable coins as DAI, USDT for activation and participation
  • Network’s EoQ Target- 25K users. 100 SmartLinks campaigns. 3 Integrators.
2020 / Q3
  • Full integration of 2key basic CRM product for audience management
  • Integration of wallet and contracts to Bitcoin
  • Integration with affiliation platforms
  • Design spec for 2key SDK
  • Addition of  2–4 more languages
  • Integration and deployment of Monthly Donations Campaigns on testnet
  • Integration and deployment of Crowdfund campaigns on testnet
  • Development of 2key’s mobile native apps
2020 / Q4
  • Launch of Crowdfund and Patrons products
  • Integration with more wallets like MEW, Trezor, Portis, and others
  • 2key SDK POC ready
  • Run Web2.0 conversion campaigns beta on testnet
  • Launch Monthly Donations feature on mainnet
  • Deployment of 2key network in 2–4 more languages
  • Network’s EoY Target- 200K users. 2K campaigns. 10 Integrators.
2021 / Q1
  • Completing POC of MPSN Step2 - Browser mining, Browser validation
  • Deploying  the 2key protocol on Dapps
  • Launch Patron product on mainnet
  • Completing HR Campaigns product
  • Completing Install Campaigns - POC (SDK)
2021 / Q2
  • Completing POC of MPSN Step3 - Full Fractal Consensus - POC
  • Deploying 2key API/SDK for integration
  • Completing 2key chrome extension
  • Completing Lead Generation Campaigns product
2021 / Q3 And Beyond
  • GP MPSN - Production
  • Scaling-up and increasing 2key adoption within the digital marketing industry
  • Deploying new verticals- SignUps, Subscriptions, Installs, HR, etc.
  • Creating 2key extensions for different services- Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, and more
  • Integrating with token-to-stable coins pegging solutions
  • Deploying 2key network in more languages
  • Expanding the 2key second layer capabilities by 2key Labs
  • Exploring protocol integration with other Blockchains
  • Fully decentralizing the 2key network
  • Position 2key as a Scaling solution for Ethereum
  • Reach Moon! 🌕
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