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2key Network

2key Network allows businesses to generate
Smart Links, binding smart contracts into normal HTTP web links

Sharing valuable information with the right people generates revenue for businesses. However, the wealth that is generated is not granted to the people who forwarded the information.

2key protocol provides the right incentives so that anyone can own the value of their networks. By enabling the tracking of a link until it leads to a conversion, a portion of the revenue that the conversion generated is instantly distributed to all participants in the referral chain, through the smart contracts within the Smart Links.

2key test-net is LIVE!

See how we’ve designed the most advanced token economy

2Key Network gives 2KEY Token an immediate organic demand and volume, with token support mechanisms drawn from advanced game theory measures as-well-as protocol-driven locks and freeze.

The 2KEY Token

2key Protocol

2key Protocol is an all-in-one solution for DAPPs

DApps lack users as the on-boarding process is complicated and expensive. 2key Protocol allows DApps to on-board any person on the internet by turning their browser into a node with a non-custodial wallet that can seamlessly acquire DApp tokens with fiat. 

The Protocol is a layer-two scalability solution, cutting through any bottlenecks DApps face. Its ability to natively offer DApp developers access to third-party service providers, called integrators, ensures developers only need to worry about their work. 

It allows any DApp developer to accept any digital currency or even credit card, giving them the same degree of freedom as Android or iOS developers.

People are used to going from fiat to instant app usage; now, they will go from fiat to instant DApp usage.

2key Mission

2key seamlessly migrates users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0; The transition happens without people even realizing it

The moment a person clicks on a 2key Link, his/her browser becomes a node with a non-custodial wallet. Seamlessly gives the masses all the tools needed to enter Web 3.0, without tarnishing the convenient user experience of Web 2.0.

2key is a technology that fairly re-distributes the wealth of the Internet back to the people.

The Web has made opportunities accessible to the masses, but a few have benefited from this progress. Web 2.0 democratized knowledge, Web. 3.0 will democratize value.

2key Protocol is an all-in-one solution to most of Web 3.0 problems

2Key Innovation makes it possible for the 3.2 Billion people connected to the internet to instantly onboard to WEB 3.0 by turning their browser into an ERC Client.

Partnerships & Collaborations


Erez Ben Kiki

Founder, CEO

eiTan LaVi

Founder, CTO

Udi Ben-Reuven

Chief Scientist

Andrii Pindiura

Director of Engineering

Shlomi Zfira

Senior Full Stacker

David Semenduev

Senior Back-End Engineer

Dr. Yoram Kornatzky

Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer

Nikola Madjarevic

Director of Blockchain R&D

Mark Shvartsman

UI/UX Director

Ivan Gusak

Front-End Developer

Dmitry Churkin

Front-End Developer

Idan Portal

Back-End Engineer

Netta Richter

Director of Content

Nadav Mizrahi

Graphic Designer

Priel Hackim

Art Director

Ben Lakoff

Head of Biz-Dev

Ma Lourdes Viado

QA Engineer

Jun Carlo Limoran

Senior QA Automation

Herbert B

QA Engineer

Ziv Oz

Marketing Manager

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