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Video Calls

Getting paid for Video Call Services made easy

Integrate payment for your services straight into a ZOOM link

- Fiat and Crypto Compatible
- All-in-one Solution
- Zero coding required
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Crypto Paywall for Zoom - A Solution for Many

2key innovative SmartSession links enabling anyone to add a crypto paywall layer to their Zoom video calls,
creating faster and easier continuity and scalability when providing their live video services on Zoom.
Sports Instructors
Talk Therapists
Music Instructors
Online Conferences
Private Teachers
Remote Support
Hourly Services
And many others...

Meet 2key Zoom SmartSession

Self-managed payment for ZOOM professional video calls that automatically processes the payment and creates an access link for your clients.

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Simply set-up a SmartSession -
Just set the number of attendees and the session’s date, time and cost per person. Personalize your message with text, images and more.

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Fully Automated

SmartSessions integrate with a smart contract that keeps sessions' information and reserves access only to participants paid to access it. Payment is in crypto, directly, buyable with credit card.

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Integrated Marketing Tool

Expand your reach with the 2key innovative referral SmartLink that automatically tracks and rewards people for referring your SmartSession.

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So easy to set up. I love not having to send bills and track payments and just focus on teaching.

Anat Gabriel - Yoga Teacher anatgabrielyoga.com
2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Testimonial 2

Saved my business during lockdown! Instead of struggling to set up online payment systems for my clients, I just had to set up the link. It even kept track of class attendance...

Aviv Swartz - Graphic Designer avivwd.com
2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Global

Unbound by borders - The option to receive crypto-currencies eliminates banking restrictions and fees.

Smart Contract

Run by ready-made open-source code converted into a SmartLink, your self-managed SmartSession contains a smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Self-managed
Self Managed

 The embedded smart contract manages the booking, the payment processing, the link generation and provides the Zoom link to the buyer.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Transparency

Transactions on a blockchain are immutably recorded and can not be modified retroactively.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Secure

Benefits from blockchain built-in cryptography reinforced by the third encryption layer added by 2key.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Decentralized

Deployed on Ethereum blockchain, your SmartSession link is fully decentralized and independent from any gatekeeper.

Zoom SmartSession also features

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Zero Upront Cost
Zero Costs

The 2key proprietary Ethereum layer 2 protocol manages the SmartSession link, eliminating the gas fee for tracking.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Flexible templates and reward models

Flexible call templates and reward models to fit every need. Easily limit link distribution and access to rewards.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Full control on budgget, target audience and more
Full Control

2key Zoom SmartSession Links can be configured to pre-set a number of participants, or specific participants.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions Analytics

Provides a new layer of in-depth, detailed and comprehensive analytics on the link distribution and conversions in real-time.

Connected with a variety of Tokens

Participation enabled with one of the many accepted currencies

More 2key network features

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions 2key wallet

2key Wallet

Use 2key’s built-in secure wallet with your Metamask or Ledger or create an integrated 2key wallet. 

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions  incentive models

Incentive Models

We offer 5 different models to incentivize your referrers, choose the one for you. 

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions  user-friendly dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

Stay focused on your goal and track your activity from your easy-to-navigate dashboard.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions web2.0 compatible

Web 2.0 Friendly

No need for a Web 3.0 address. 2key creates for you one on the fly.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions with multiple tokens

Supports your Tokens

Supports most major ERC tokens including stable coins like DAI, and allows purchasing with a credit card.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions feedback

Get Feedback

2key’s links feedback option on content or sender strengthens trust

And it’s only the beginning!

Many additional features are in 2key's pipeline to revolutionize the future of Video Sessions!

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions  embeddable share button

Embeddable Pay-to-Enter Button

Add a button anywhere on your site so people can register when they visit your site.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions additional cryptocurrencies

Additional Cryptocurrencies

Give users a wider choice of payment options with additional cryptocurrencies and from any wallet.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions sell recordings

Sell Video Recordings

Increase your revenue source by selling the recording of your Live Video session.

2key SmartLink - Zoom SmartSessions  pay-per-time


Charge users based on the exact time they attended the Live Video session.

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