About 2key

We believe in the power of technology to spark positive change. That’s why we’re building technology that’s not only highly effective but brings out the best in humanity.
We’re building the technology to empower people and businesses to find their ideal target audiences using an open, decentralized collaborative network running on blockchain. The real power behind our innovation is our strong team of curious, creative people who strongly believe in our vision, mission and values and work hard to create a technology that fosters digital inclusion, openness and collaboration. 


Our vision is to expand human potential by empowering people to connect directly, collaborate freely and share in the success they helped create. By combining our technology with blockchain and smart contracts, we aim to build a technology that fairly rewards collaboration, transparency and honesty.


We aim to unleash the potential of human networks to achieve great things by working together. We’re building the technology to give small players who do great things the power to build on their reputation to grow and become more successful. We want to give everyone the opportunity to use the power of online referrals, by giving back some of the immense benefits of online sharing back to the people who share.


We believe in people as individuals and as communities. We believe in collaboration, honesty and transparency. We believe that humans can help each other in a much better way with the right tools. That’s why we’re building the technology to let people share information and value in a direct and trustless way. A great company once said, “do no evil”. We say - do good! then, pay it forward.


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