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General Information About The Handling Of Your Data

We are very pleased that you have shown interest in using the services provided by 2key New Economics Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Us” / “We” / “2key”). You should know that our first and foremost goal is to flatten the advertising pyramid, and return as much as possible of the world’s advertising and marketing budgets back to the people. Everything we do at 2key is aimed towards that goal, and the data we collect is also used towards this end. Notwithstanding, the protection of your data is very important to us. On this page, we provide you with detailed information on how we process the data we collect. Please take the time to read our privacy policy.

The entity responsible for data processing is:
2key New Economics Ltd.
30 Karo yosef, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
Chief Information Technology Officer: Mr. eiTan LaVi

Disclosure Of Personal Data Collection, Processing And Usage

We collect, process and use data for the preparation, execution, settlement and the rescission of contracts and agreements relating to the services offered by 2key to give rewards and financial incentives (e.g. discounts, cashback, cash, coupons etc..) as compensation to users who become active 2key users and successfully refer their friends and/or socially networked peers to show active interest in 2key’s Advertising partners and/or clients, i.e. to buy products from Advertisers working with 2key or leave personal contact info with intent to be contacted by Advertisers working with 2key. The above services will be referred to herein as the “Services”, and the above mentioned financial incentives will be referred to herein as “Referral Compensation”. We provide such services within the framework of the law. This privacy policy is in effect so long as data is required to provide 2key’s services and their continuous further development and improvement. Users who simply visit the 2key websites (, ,,,, (Hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), search for and/or find active 2key campaigns offering bounties and other financial incentives for referrals of new customers and potential clients to various products – such users leave information on the internet and in particular with 2key, such as your IP address, the date, the time and the type of browser. You are not required to provide any personal information. From these data, no one can make any conclusions on the specific person who has actually visited the Website. However, we can use this data to improve the 2key offers or their presentation. Personal data is only collected, if and to the extent which you share with us voluntarily in order to use our services. If you want to register with 2key and/or use our services, you’re required to sign-up and sign-in using your email and a personally selected password, and/or with federated identity providers such as Google, Facebook and Linkedin. This sign-in/ sign-up is required in order to protect your privacy and track your Referral Compensation securely, as well as to enable you to cash out and receive your Referral Compensation. In addition, you can choose to subscribe to our newsletter, or sign-up for early access to our system. In order to offer and pay out or materialize your acquired Referral Compensation, we require and thus ask for either your bank account details, Paypal account, or other personal financial proxy accounts by which we can transfer your accumulated yet unclaimed Referral Compensation over to your possession. For citizens of relevant countries, we might require your tax statement or other tax authority documents to comply with local tax laws in your jurisdiction. Registering with 2key is required to use our services. After your register/sign-up, you will receive a 2key User Account (“account”), which you can access by entering your user name and personal password or by logging in using a federated identity provider such as Google or Facebook. Please be aware that when using a federated identity provider such as Google, Facebook or Linkedin, to sign-up or sign-in to 2key, the usage of such federated identity sign-up/sign-in is governed by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of such federated identity provider, i.e. Facebook or Google or Linkedin. In such federated identity login, the data required for registration (e.g. the e-mail deposited with Facebook/Google/Linkedin, some additional information that is available in your Facebook/ Google/Linkedin public profile) will be transferred from your Facebook/Google/Linkedin profile to 2key. Data in turn may also be transferred back from our website to Facebook/Google/Linkedin. The data transferred by Facebook/Google/Linkedin can be stored and processed by 2key. In rare cases, it is possible that our system has not correctly tracked a Referral Compensation, due to technical difficulties or some human error. In this case, you can contact us and provide relevant information and data as we require and we will do our best to try and assess your eligibility to a possible manual amendment to your Referral Compensation balance. We collect all this data to track your rewards and Referral Compensation back to you, as our main goal is to flatten the advertising pyramid and bring back as much advertising and marketing budget as possible back to the people. During your registration with 2key, you will be prompted to confirm that you have acknowledged our terms and conditions and this privacy policy. Thus, you agree in accordance with this privacy policy to the use of your data.

Personal Data Transfer

We share your account information with our bank and other financial service providers in order to offer cashback or transfer and pay out to you your Referral Compensations. Within the framework of 2key campaigns (where you refer new potential customers to specific products’ purchases or lead generation pages) we disclose collected information to partner shops and/or advertisers in order to process your joining the campaign, and facilitate your potential Referral Compensation in case of successful referrals that you make. We otherwise assure that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, unless we are required by law, or if we must disclose the data to enforce our claims to third parties, who are obligated to maintain secrecy. On behalf of other services of any kind, companies contracted by Us are bound to follow the regulations of the Federal Privacy Act.

2key Newsletter

During your registration with 2key, you can choose to receive our newsletter. An option is available in your account to cancel the newsletter at any time, and you may also choose to cancel your subscription directly from the newsletter email, thus cancelling future sending of the newsletter to you.

Third-Party Data Security, Access, and Queries

2key employs organizational methods and processes as well as technical measures and processes, to protect your data from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access or dissemination, alteration and/or destruction. We strive to employ strict security and cyber- security measures to protect your personal data. When you login to your 2key account, all communication is protected through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. You are responsible for the protection of the password you have chosen. Requesting a new password is possible, and is required in case you lose your current password or in case your password has been obtained by an unauthorized third party.

Although 2key references websites of third-parties, and/or mirrors hosted duplications of web-pages owned by Advertisers offering campaigns through the 2key system, We are not liable for their content. These web-pages of Lead-Generation Landing Page Campaigns have been added by Advertisers using our system, and they are liable for their content. Please note that any 2key link you generate with our system leads on your behalf (as you refer potential new customers) to an Advertiser owned landing page, mirrored and/or hosted by 2key. It is your sole responsibility to review the content you are recommending online, and 2key holds no responsibility to any misuse, misconduct and/or claim that may be made by You or any other third party for any offense or injury, emotional, psychological or physical caused by Your referral of any one to these landing pages. You are solely responsible for the outcome and consequences of the links you share online, and therefore we advise and urge you to pay all required attention to make sure you are sharing and recommending products or services you believe in with others online. Regarding any links leading outside of our website’s domain, with Your pressing on the link and by accessing the linked web page, you are leaving the 2key website and thereby moving outside of the domain of our privacy policy. We cannot therefore take responsibility for the data security of such linked external websites, and the operators of these websites are solely responsible for the data security of the linked websites.


We use cookies to make visiting our website as attractive as possible and to allow the use of certain functions. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer unnoticed. Most of the cookies are only used for one session and then they are deleted from your hard drive at the end of the browser session. Other permanently stored cookies remain on your computer and allow us to recognize you when you visit the website again. You can prevent cookies from being saved by adjusting your browser settings. So visiting our website remains possible, however not the use of our services.

2key also uses cookies in order to facilitate “retargeting” and user-tailored recommendations for both its Advertiser Users and Referring Users. Advertiser users can thus enjoy recommendations for personally optimized campaigns and campaign parameters, and Referring users can thus enjoy recommendations for campaigns. Such retargeting also enables us to offer our users, who have already showed an interest in our service, with personalized, interest-based advertising. The display of such advertisement is based on an analysis of the cookie that was placed in connection with a previous visit of our website. Any data collected thereby are anonymous; we neither collect nor transfer any personal data in connection with retargeting.

Google Analytics

We may use the web analytics service (“Google Analytics”) from the company Google Inc. (“Google”). “Cookies” are used with Google Analytics. These are text files which are stored on your computer. They make an analysis of your use of our website possible. This obtained information will be transmitted to a Google server and stored in the United States. Google will use this information to evaluate the customer use of the website and to compile Aklamio reports about website activity. If necessary, Google can transmit this data to third parties, at far as it is dictated by law. The same applies in the case of transferring data to third parties, which are contracted under Google. If you prevent the installation of cookies by changing your browser settings, you can expect restrictions on the use of the web page. By using this site, you agree to the processing of data about you by Google in the previously described manner and for the aforementioned purpose.


On some of our web pages, we may use so-called social plug-ins provided by Facebook. The plug-ins can be seen through the Facebook logo and the addition of the “Like” add on, where a white “f” on a blue background or a “thumbs up” sign are visible. The list and the look of Facebook social plug-ins can be seen at . When you visit one of our web pages with a corresponding plug-in, the browser builds a direct connection with the Facebook servers, this happens even if you are not a customer of Facebook. The contents of the plug-in are delivered from Facebook right on your browser and embedded in the web page. 2key has no influence on the range of data that Facebook collects. In any case, Facebook may collect the information that you have visited a respective web page via 2key. For users registered and logged into Facebook, Facebook can associate the visit of the website to your Facebook account. When you interact with the plug-ins by clicking the “Like” button or by leaving a comment, or by sharing, for example, the relevant information is delivered directly from your browser to Facebook and stored there. If you want to prevent such data from being transferred, you must logout of your Facebook account before visiting the respective website.

For further information on the function and scope of the data collected by Facebook, as well as the use of your data, please visit .

Deletion Of Data And Withdrawal Of Consent

Upon your request, we will provide information to you, free of charge, at any time, about whether and what type of data 2key has stored about you. You can request a cancellation or correction of your data, free of charge, at any time. In addition, you can withdraw your consent to the collection, use and processing of your data. The data is deleted only after tax deadlines and other commercial regulations expire. Please keep in mind that in these cases, an extraordinary right of termination in accordance with our terms and conditions is available to us.

Contact options

If you have any questions about the collection and use of your personal data, or data you wish to correct or delete, contact us by e- mail at

Thank You!