Token Cash Flow
Token Value Capture
Token Retention Factors

A strong utility token needs all three to grow into a strong and stable digital economy. 
Each and every atomic conversion on the 2key Network, in each and every campaign, drives an internal token circulation mechanism managed by the 2key contracts, driving:

(1) Auto-demand - 2KEY budget is bought to activate referral payments
(2) Auto-hedging - the payment amount used to purchase the 2KEY budget is hedged to DAI to ensure the referral payments can offer a stable $ worth
(3) Auto-distribution - the 2KEY referral payment is distributed to the balances of multiple referrers on the successful referral chain which led to the conversion.
(4) Auto-hodl - The referral remunerations are kept on the balances of the referrers within the 2key campaign contracts.
(5) Auto-reputation - Depending on the success of participating users and their successful actions to strengthen and grow the network and campaigns, reputation is earned - which then qualifies the users for network-level participation and reputation remuneration.

Additionally, 2key incorporates various game theory mechanics, user-driven locks, Protocol-driven locks, and organic demand structures to ensure 2KEY tokens have REAL and organic volume and usage outside of mere cryptocurrency exchanges.

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A Token with Organic Demand in a Ready Product

Driving Secondary Market Purchases

Contractors, people or businesses who launch 2key Network campaigns, need to make deposits in 2KEY Tokens, which must be bought from the secondary market. They must also buy 2KEY tokens to pay integrators, businesses that offer services to enhance the 2key campaigns launched by contractors.

Both contractors and referrers may buy and stake 2KEY tokens to improve their Network Reputation.

Contractors who buy and stake 2KEY tokens have the advantage of needing less 2KEY tokens as campaign deposits. On the other hand, referrers who boost their reputation by staking 2KEY tokens improve their stake in reward distribution.

User-Driven Demand
Wide Distribution

2KEY Campaign rewards could reach millions of people.

Reward Lock-up

2KEY Tokens deposited for referral campaigns are locked until they are earned by referrers.

Contractor Lock-up

Tokens staked by contractors to boost reputation are pulled out of circulation.

Referrer Lock-up

Tokens staked by referrers to boost reputation are pulled out of circulation.

Protocol-Driven Demand
Network Tax

A tariff is charged, in 2KEY tokens, from integrator payments and moderator fees. These tokens re-supply the community pool once every 10 years.

Moderator Fee

Admin Contract charges a 2% fee on conversions.

Exchange Contract Spreads

Exchange Contract places a spread on its automatic DAI, 2KEY, or volatile asset purchases and sales.

Token Economics Paper

2KEY Token Metrics

Final number of 600 Million 2KEY Tokens will be minted, and will be used to operate and
maintain the 2key network. This is how we’ll distribute them:

Economy Kickstart - 21% Token sale, 3% Exchange contract reserve, 2% DEX liquidity reserve ,1% market making reserve
Participation Based Mining - 20% Participation Reputation Mining, 10% MPSN Mining, 1% Social Mining
Team - 1 year lockup followed by 2 years vesting
Team Growth Fund - 2 years lockup
Advisors & Partners - Up to 24 months vesting
Long Term - Network Growth Fund & for future R&D - locked for 2-6 years



0.06 USD

Token Price


Total Token Supply


Hard Cap



Use of Proceeds

Protocol, Product and Network Research & Development
Gas Station and Liquidity Pool
General Administrative
Legal & Compliance

Token Distribution

2KEY Tokens distribution prediction during the first 10 years

With 2Key, trust is augmented by results, and accountability is native. Thus, the 2Key token will empower users to govern themselves, personally or as a group, providing a clear, transparent and parametric standard for social capital and reputation.

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