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The easy and effective way to add crypto to your fundraising basket.

Fire up your supporters’ passion to share your cause with 2key easy-to-use revolutionary smart-contract based referral solution.

- Fiat and Crypto Compatible
- Self-Managed
- Zero coding required
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Meet 2key Donations

Self-managed campaigns that track, record and give your supporters and their community recognition and rewards

Donation SmartLink process 1


Simple Campaign Design Flow -
Just add text and images

Donation SmartLink process 2

Expanded Donator Base

Tap into Crypto Wealth -
Enabling donations in crypto adds the growing crypto-community to your pool of donators.

Donation SmartLink process 3


Built-in organic growth -
Witnessing their sharing  impact in real-time and collecting recognition and rewards spurs your supporters’ enthusiasm to share far and wide.

Donation SmartLink supporter 1

Spreading campaigns beyond our immediate network is hard. With 2key, people are incentivized to keep on sharing the campaign which means broader reach and ultimately more donations!

Skylar Weaver - Adventures for Alopecia
Donation SmartLink supporter 2

We have received great support from 2key network in order to get funds in rebuilding our Animal Sanctuary.
As a new user to the crypto world, I was happy to find out that the campaign wasn't hard at all.

Giorgio - El Hogar BCN
Donation SmartLink reach

Unbound by borders - The option to receive crypto-currencies eliminates banking restrictions and fees.

2key Donation
Smart Contract

Run by ready-made open-source code converted into a SmartLink, your self-managed campaign is deployed on Ethereum blockchain

Donation SmartLink sself-management
Self Managed

Launch and forget - The smart contract embedded in the link tracks, records and distributes rewards automatically.

Donation SmartLink transparency

Transactions on a blockchain are immutably recorded and can not be modified retroactively.

Donation SmartLink security

Benefits from blockchain built-in cryptography reinforced by the third encryption layer added by 2key.

Donation SmartLink sdecentralization

Deployed on Ethereum blockchain, 2key is fully decentralized and independent from any gatekeeper.

2key donations SmartLink also features

zero cost smartlink
Zero Costs

The 2key proprietary Ethereum layer 2 protocol manages 2key SmartLinks, which eliminates the gas fee for tracking.

SmartlLinks individualized rewards

Flexible reward models to suit your needs with easy to use templates eliminate complexity.

Full control on SmatLink budget, CPC, target audience and more
Full Control

2key SmartLinks can be configured to limit their distribution based on several parameters as needed.

SmartLinks Analytics

Extensive in-depth analytics in real-time display your campaign distribution, virality, the amounts collected; The number and reactivity of people involved and more.


The Powerful Way to Collect Donations

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Referral Reward
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Referral Map
1 Create

Turn your link into a Referral SmartLink

2 Shout Out

Reach and grow your audience by sharing your SmartLink and incentivizing people to forward it through any social or messaging platform.

3 Track

Follow how much your Referral SmartLink is going viral and converting in real-time.

Vitalik shared a SmartLink with you!
Open Link
Refer & Earn
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Total Value
1 Share

Share the SmartLink with the right audience.

2 Track

Watch your impact and conversion rate by tracking your link as it is shared further.

3 Earn

Get rewarded with crypto tokens.

Connected with a variety of Tokens

Participation enabled with one of the many accepted currencies

More 2key network features

2key Wallet - best for use with SmartLinks

2key Wallet

Use 2key’s built-in secure wallet with your Metamask or Ledger wallet, or create a 2key integrated wallet. 

2key SmartLinks incentive models

Incentive Models

We offer 5 different models to incentivize your referrers, choose the one for you. 

2key SmartLinks friendly dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

Stay focused on your goal and track your activity with easy to navigate dashboard.

2key SmartLinks compatible with Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Friendly

No need for a Web 3.0 address. 2key creates for you one on the fly.

2key SmartLinks KYO

Know Your Customer

2key provides free Know Your Customer (KYC) service or integrated third-party services.

2key SmartLinks Gratitude Tokens

Participation Tokens

Show your supporters gratitude with custom-made participation tokens.

Campaigns Marketplace

Showcase your campaign so users and influencers can find you.

Supports your Tokens

Supports most major ERC tokens including stable coins like DAI, and allows purchasing with a credit card.

Get Feedback

2key’s links feedback option on content or sender strengthens trust

And it’s only the beginning!

Many additional features are in 2key's pipeline to revolutionize the future of fundraising!

2key SmartLink embeddable Share button

Embeddable Donate & Share Button

Add a button anywhere on your site, so people can make donations in cryptocurrencies.

2key SmartLink custom gratitude token

Create a Unique Donation Token for your Page

Get full and secure control on your donators history by rewarding them with unique participation tokens, and Gratitude them for the support.

2key SmartLink monthly donations

Regular Monthly Donations

Create a smart contract that collects monthly donations from your donators, starting with a minimum of $5/month.

2key SmartLink Donation Ambassador

Donations Ambassador Feature

Let your most loyal supporters run a campaign for you, under your verified page, and expand your reach to new geographics and languages.

2key Donation SmartLink funds transparency

Deeper Transparency-
Track Funds Path

Uses blockchain capabilities to see and share how the raised funds are spent. Transparency increases trust and donations.

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