2key welcomes users and community members to join our ambassadors program and take an active part in the growth of the network.
Read on to choose the program that best fits you. Or join both :-)

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Community Manager Ambassador

Manage and grow a local 2key community by performing tasks on an ongoing basis and receive a fixed reward plus bonuses.

Local communities need local managers who understand their language and culture. You are invited to become a 2key ambassador and take an integral part in the growth of 2key network.
As an official ambassador, aside from carrying out the tasks listed below, you will be first to access 2key latest news, updates and campaigns.

What do Community Managers Ambassadors do?

  • Moderate local community group
  • Translate all news & announcements into the local language
  • Translate at least one blog post per month
  • Engage with the community by creating random tasks, quizzes, and AMAs.
  • Create and share at least 5 SmartLinks per month
  • Arrange local meetups or webinars when possible
  • Attend a monthly meeting with all the Community Manager Ambassadors
  • Support the adoption and growth of 2key and #DeMar

What do Community Manager Ambassadors get?

  • $100 /month fixed fee paid in 2KEY tokens (at 2KEY value at Tx time)
  • Up to $200 bonus monthly based on achievements
  • Pre-release access to the upcoming lucrative Affiliate Program tailored to match their community’s interest

How can you become a Community Manager Ambassador?

Demonstrate your knowledge and passion for 2key with these five steps:
  • Proof of Participation - Have a 2key account and HODL a minimum of 1000 2KEY
  • Proof of Network - Create a SmartLink targeting the specified article, share it with your local region (up to three  countries), and obtain 100 approved clicks
  • Proof of Language - Translate two out of 2key’s five latest news announcements
  • Proof of Knowledge - Pass a knowledge test about 2key technology, network and website
  • Proof of Humanity - Attend a personal Zoom talk

How many community ambassadors can 2key have?

The number of community ambassadors varies according to the target population size:
  • Up to 20 M citizens: up to 2 community ambassadors
  • 20 to 100 M citizens: up to 3 community ambassadors
  • Over 100 M citizens: up to 4 community ambassadors
  • Global  reach: up to 10 community ambassadors
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