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2key network is building a token economy based on reputation-social capital as the underlying asset. Your actions matter and are an integral part of continuously building your reputation and the 2KEY token economy.
Reputation score is counted in points based on your recent and lifetime activity. Every month, it translates into 2KEY tokens distributed to all network participants propositionally to their monthly activity, global reputation score, and token staking.


5% Purchasers Staking Reward - May 20, 10 am UTC

To support our community and early token holders, we are going to increase the number of 2KEY to all early token holders by 5% right after the official launch! This will be a one-time distribution sourced from the unsold token supply .

To get those one-time extra 5% 2KEYs, you need to actively utilise your account on 2key.network, store your 2KEY tokens in your wallet connected on 2key.io and make sure it's active before Wednesday May 20, 2020, 10 AM UTC. The tokens must be stored in your 2key.io wallet in a 2key wallet, Ledger or Metamask connected to your account.
We will scan all addresses holding 2KEY on that date/time ,and within 48 hours, 5% of total tokens will send to the wallet.

0.5% Weekly Reward, 6 Weeks Staking Program - May 20 - July 1

We are starting a 6 weeks program from Wednesday, May 20th, that will reward each hodler an interest of 0.5% a week (26% yearly) for their tokens actively staked on the network wallet!
This 6 weeks program is unlimited to participants, and all you have to do to participate it to actively hold the balance on an active 2key.io account-connected-wallet. We will scan accounts and wallets daily on random hours, and every Wednesday we will record the amount of tokens on your wallet, and reward you with 0.5% extra 2KEY tokens within 48 hours.
Note- you must hold at least 100 2KEY in your wallet to be eligible for the staking reward.

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We'll update the participation and staking programs towards the ongoing participation reputation mining as we build it, but the general idea is - the more you participate in 2key network -the more 2KEY you will earn in the distributions.

Learn how to create a 2key wallet and withdraw your 2KEY tokens:

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