2key Network is the All-in-One Solution to DApp Marketing

Most new applications are entering competitive sectors with over-congestion of available services. Even if an app possesses an incredible competitive advantage, conveying (marketing) it to an audience is expensive, taxing, and time-consuming.

Acquiring a userbase for an application is tough as it is; the entry barrier to using DApps makes their promotion magnitudes harder.

2key Network is designed to bridge the gap between applications and decentralized applications through various provisions, and that includes means of eased user acquisition.

Reach the World

Presently, DApps target users that are already within the blockchain space. Onboarding users that do not possess a wallet is incredibly difficult and expensive. Thus, the onboarding of the masses has been a task left to heavily funded blockchain foundations. However, ironically, gen-two blockchains themselves are not of strong value as it is the DApps built upon them that advance the purpose of the blockchain.

Thus, enabling DApps to have the capacity to successfully onboard users is the most effective way to expand participation in the decentralized web.

2key Network’s Smart Links are the only solution — resource — Dapp developers need to be able even the gap in difficulty of onboarding users on a traditional app versus onboarding users onto a DApp. Any DApp developer can use 2key’s Smart Links to promote his/her development. Using Smart Links to promote anything comes with native benefits as described in the table below.

Beyond superiority as an advertising means, Smart Links resolve the dilemma of lack of Crypto wallets among most of the world’s population.

The moment a Smart Link is clicked, the user’s browser is turned into a node with a non-custodial wallet. Thus, Smart Links not only allow DApp developers to reach potential users, they also ensure interested users come to the DApp’s UI with a ready wallet. Additionally, fiat relay integrators in 2key Network ensure that the users, with newly acquired wallets, can quickly go from fiat to ETH with ease.

2key Network is the all-in-one resource that decentralized applications need to compete against their centralized peers.

On a closing note, it’s worth mentioning that users who click on a Smart Link will become part of the 2key Global Referral Network and so will be able to earn 2KEY tokens whenever any Smart Link they share leads to economic activity. Thus, eventually, when they land upon a DApp, they will already have Crypto (2KEY tokens) to potentially use for payment for DApp access.

Click on a Smart Link. Join the decentralized web.

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