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2key Network Upgrade - Qi Reward Pool Doubled and Spammers Slashed!

Excellent news for 2key SmartLinks referrers and creators!
Your earnings from 2key SmartLinks are about to more than double for the same amount of activity!

Doubling the Reward Pool Amount

Today we are doubling the epoch reward pool’s amount!

As 2key SmartLinks gain in popularity, it is time to expand the size of the reward pool to maintain 2key users' earning level. The reward pool is distributed proportionally to your 2key SmartLink activity. With new users flocking in, the reward began to shrink and the time to update the rewards has come.

Starting today, we are doubling the amount dedicated to the reward pool!

This means your share of the reward pool will earn you twice the amount of 2KEY tokens  compared to what you would have earned otherwise.

But that is not all!

As fair referrers will benefit from an additional windfall.

Tightening the noose against spammers and scammers

Building a new, human-based information-sharing protocol over the Internet, is a complicated task that we have overcome, and now we are busy developing the AI that monitors the behavior of network users, and creating more accurate incentives.
Lately we found some not so clever people are trying to game the Qi points rewards system and use unsavoury tactics to artificially boost their conversion rate.

So, in parallel to doubling the reward pool’s size, we are launching a new anti-spam and anti-fraud feature. An automatic negative feedback mechanism will detect fraudulent activity and ban offenders for 14 to 30 days - or permanently - depending on the degree of fraudulent or spammy behavior detected.

The system identifies abnormally high rejected conversion percentages, bot traffic, and negative feedback. It tracks those both for 2key SmartLinks shared directly by the referrer, and for those shared down their referral chain. 

When bot behavior is detected, the conversions on the offending referrer’s account is not validated. When offending behavior is superior to a set level, the malicious referrers risk  having their reputation score slashed, further reducing their earning.

This guarantees that rewards are distributed to the long tail of fair players on the network and that spammers and scammers stop trying to misuse 2key SmartLinks.

This new automated banning layer is just one of the numerous anti-spam and anti-fraud features already in place.

So time to create and share 2key SmartLinks far and wide!

2key is a Layer2 solution to Ethereum Blockchain, that transforms today’s HTTP links into Tomorrow’s Decentralized Web. Creators of the SmartLink.

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