Click: Welcome to the Web 3.0

The goal of capturing the masses is an ambition that has been touted by far too many decentralized projects. However, the vast portion of the web users are ingrained within the Web 2.0 and do not have the bare minimum access tools needed to be on-boarded into the decentralized Web 3.0.

2key Network is going to capture the masses by giving them every tool needed to be a part of the decentralized web, even if they don’t even know what a blockchain is.

Click: Welcome to the Web 3.0

2key Network’s Smart Links bind smart contracts into typical HTTP web links. Every web user already engages with links every time they connect to the internet. By delivering the benefit of blockchain technology through links, 2key Network is compatible with the Web 2.0 and can thus be accessed by anyone who is not presently part — or even familiar — with the decentralized web.

Once a person clicks on a Smart Link, his or her browser is instantly turned into a node with a non-custodial wallet. This gives everyone the ability to have immediate access to the tools needed to operate in the Web 3.0 even if they aren’t even aware of the existence of cryptocurrency wallets. From this point onwards, whenever a person shares a Smart Link that leads to an eventual economic activity, like a product purchase, he/she is rewarded for his/her role in creating value through the internet.

There’s more.

While acquiring 2KEY tokens by creating value by merely sharing links, as people already do each time they use the internet, does not need initial Crypto capital, other actions on the decentralized web do. Thus, 2key involves integrators, which have the capacity to allow anyone to go from fiat to Ether, and then the Network’s Exchange Contract can turn the Ether into the utility token needed to access any DApp. Both actions happen in conjunction, in a moment, and in the backend. Thus, to a user, the UX gives the impression of having access to DApps with just fiat.

Click on a Smart Link. Join the decentralized web.

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