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KittieFIGHT to use Smart Links for Fundraise and User Growth

Like any startup, DApps have an uphill battle for user and operational growth. However, for decentralized developments, user sourcing is more difficult than it is for centralized projects. Not only is the regulatory framework for promoting DApps not established, major media platforms refuse to enable promotions for decentralized products.

This leaves most DApps to rely on promotions via few leading Crypto-centric media and content platforms, which charge record-high fees.

While a typical website’s banner CPM will be valued at anywhere from $0.3 to $3, CoinMarketCap charges magnitudes higher at $16 CPM for its primary banner. Not only are growth channels for DApps limited, the few existing options are incredibly expensive, making user acquisition a grueling task. If the decentralized space is to grow, the need for alternative growth solutions is of paramount importance.

2key Network’s Smart Links are an effective, easy, and accessible growth solution for DApps, and the many benefits are detailed in this presentation. Additionally, 2key Network’s existing infrastructure will be extended into a new vertical usable by DApps for micro-funding, being able to source capital from both Crypto and fiat, through 2key’s onramp integration and KYC integrators.

A Smart Link binds smart contracts into normal web links. This enables the creator of the Smart Link to gain multi-step tracking of the Smart Link’s shares and subsequently reward those who shared the link whenever a conversion happens. Thus, Smart Links have the potential to enable growth campaigns that can perpetually fund themselves.

What is KittieFIGHT?

KittieFIGHT is an exciting new Crypto game that stems the utility of one of the most popular NFTs, namely CryptoKitties.

This DApp is designed to allow users to utilize their CryptoKitties as battle players in a crowd supported player vs player game for ETH and KTY tokens Jackpot prize. Each player garners supporters or fans before the scheduled game session, forming opposing battle group coalitions, who spend Ether and KTY tokens as fees to inflict attacks of various levels on the opposing team.

The game’s core technology, which can be seen in action in this video, has been prepared with highly modular smart contracts and deployed on the Ethereum test net for public scheduled games like this one for public feedback and edge case testing before actual deployment to the Ethereum mainnet. KittieFIGHT adds an important and much-needed layer of fun to the current standard of Crypto games, which is limited to mere collectibles.

2key Network x KittieFIGHT

KittieFIGHT will be using 2key Network’s Smart Links as one of its channels for raising capital, making the game one of the first DApps to utilize 2key’s DApp funding and promotion vertical. Smart Links will enable the game to use its early fanbase, the players of CryptoKitties, and the social/professional networks of the founders to source capital for the game while being remunerated for each conversion.

Beyond fundraising, Smart Links will enable KittieFIGHT to expand its user base by incentivizing project’s supporters, investors, fans, etc. to play a role in the game’s growth. Smart Links offer decentralized applications, nearly all of which are faced with extremely expensive and limited growth channels, a drastically positive alternative growth channel. As most DApps have the option to leverage the communities of the layer-1 they build upon, they have powerful social seeds that can push the DApp’s usage.

Smart Links provide a readily available and easy-to-integrate infrastructure in which the community can act as an organized, cohesive business growth arm of the project.

About 2key Network

2key Network is a layer-two scalability solution that enables eased transitioning from the Web 2 to the Web 3. By simply clicking on a Smart Link, a proprietary technology created by 2key, a user’s browser is turned into a node with a noncustodial wallet.

Smart Links are a business solution that transforms web links for the decentralized web. The protocol powering them offers multi-step tracking that allows businesses to embed economic models into links representing their web domains and business goals. The 2key Network empowers businesses to compensate their fans, followers, clients, customers, etc. for helping them grow their business and achieving business results.

Click a Smart Link. Join the decentralized web.


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