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Pushing DeFi to Business Utility - 2key Network x MAKER

DeFi has become the stand-out application of blockchain technology.

In 2020, ETH locked in DeFi products blazed past the $1B milestone, and millions in funding were granted to DeFi operators. While the underlying potential for DeFi is unquestionable, much of the direction of the segment has been towards lending and trading.

In a world where virtually everything operates on leverage, financial operations extend well beyond lending and push ever-deeper into general operations of global business. As a layer-2 solution on Ethereum, 2key Network is carrying DeFi protocols beyond lending and into the primary marketing and sales cogs of SMBs. Smart Links are a pivotal development in the timeline of DeFi, carrying the segment beyond lending, and launching at a time when DeFi is in the limelight.

With a vision to carry decentralization and DeFi forward, 2key Network is proud to announce its partnership with MAKER, the DeFI market leader.

DeFi and Smart Links: DAI and Beyond

2key Network has chosen DAI over other stablecoins for the hedging process involved to protect users’ funds once they launch a campaign. Once a user deposits a campaign’s rewards, other DeFi protocols will be pulled in: Bancor will offer real-time pricing and Kyber will offer liquidity.

This USD-pegged hedge for campaign funds, even though the claimed rewards will be in 2KEY, make sure the promised budget is maintained.

Beyond budget protection, this mechanism makes Smart Links and DeFi desirable at a global scale. 2key Network serves a global network of users. While stablecoin hedging benefits people across the board as market value of payments is retained, countries with high inflation can maintain promotion rewards that beat domestic currency devaluation, enabling the ability to create promotional campaigns that may become increasingly appealing to users. This hedging mechanism enables users in any country to launch promotions for domestic SMBs while maintaining a rewards system priced at an international level.

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