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Testnet to Mainnet Migration Update

The migration from 2key testnet to mainnet brought up many good questions so we felt we needed to ease the process and also release this clarification announcement.

tl;dr: 2KEY testnet tokens will not be mirrored 1:1 to mainnet; SM Migration is now possible without first meaningful action on mainnet; Closing migration window on May 31st at 23:59 UTC; Selected FAQ from the last month.


2KEY tokens mirroring method; →

One of the questions we were asked repeatedly by our users is “Why do I have X 2KEY on testnet but Y 2KEY on mainnet?”

It’s important to understand the following - 2KEY Test-net tokens are not automatically mirrored to 2key main-net. 

2key test-net runs on the Ropsten free-minted ETH, you can create a campaign for free, then start referring between your users and create Ropsten 2KEYs. Of course, this is a behavior we won’t compensate and hence tokens from campaign referrals on testnet WILL NOT be redeemable as mainnet tokens.

Which testnet tokens are mirrored to mainnet?

  • Signup & Selected PPC Campaigns – not a 1:1 ratio. For example, this campaign. Today we finished the migration of the official testnet campaigns earnings to mainnet. Here is the detailed distribution report.
  • Contests & AMAs – Will be paid as declared. The prizes were guaranteed in $ value. Most have already been distributed.
  • Social mining tokens – Again, not a 1:1 ratio for all users. We check every user before making the distribution. If you have leased reputation it will also not be migrated but it will return to the rep owner. Only the work drops generated and distributed via social mining will be mirrored. We look for frauds and if everything is fine, we make the reputation & tokens distribution.

Social Mining (2key Community) - Migration is now possible without 1st meaningful action

We realized the migration process is a bit too clunky and takes too long, so we decided to make a temporary update to the wallet registration method.

From now on, when you create your account on mainnet & create/recover/connect your wallet, your erc20 address will be automatically registered on Social Mining.

This means that after recovering your testnet wallet to mainnet, the only thing you have to do to get your reputation & tokens is just wait; 😊 We will distribute the final batch of rep & tokens at June 1st.


Closing migration window on May 31st at 23:59 UTC

In order to move on to new exciting things, we need to finish our testnet chapter.

The deadline to perform Social Mining Migration will be May 31st at 23:59 UTC. This way we can make sure that at the beginning of June we can start with social mining on mainnet 🎉

Please make sure you do the migration ASAP.


Selected FAQ from the last month

☻   Q: Why didn’t I receive my testnet tokens? why didn't you swap the 2key in my wallet? Why do I have less tokens than testnet?

☺   A: The answer for all these questions are in the first part of this article.

☻   Q: Why isn’t my reputation the same on mainnet?

☺   A: We mirror reputation from testnet to mainnet on a 1:4 ratio. The reason is that we want new users to also have their chance to earn reputation and enjoy workdrop distributions.

☻   Q: What to do if I lost my passphrase/seed?

☺   A: Your wallet is non-custodial, hence 2key has no way of recovering your wallet for you. You will have to create a new wallet under a new account.

☻   Q: How do I join social mining?

☺   A: Easy! Open account on and then go to

☻   Q: I followed all the instructions – where is my reward?

☺   A: We make the distributions in batches every few days, please be patient.


That’s it for today.

We’d like to say Thank You for supporting 2key, and we hope to see you helping us grow 2key and reach the moon 🌙

Not registered yet? Create your account on and start referring & earning!

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