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The campaigns we liked this week - 2key Inspiration Contest

Time flies! ✈

26 days into January and our contest is breaking records!

So many great campaigns were submitted, we know for sure that finding our winner is going to be a very difficult task!

Right before the last week, we wanted to share a few more of the campaigns that got our attention:

(Please note that this is not ordered by amount of points)

Ethereum Node on Mars?!

A great initiative by @tothemars also known as @Chris_tie from the 2key Community Group.

In order to further advance the efforts of creating a decentralized society, this campaign funds will go towards SpaceX, in order for Elon (who is known as a famous crypto enthusiast) to install an Ethereum node on one of the satellites.

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Support Children with Leukemia

This campaign really touched us deeply. Thinking about these little children, instead of running in the school field they are lying in hospital beds.

This is one of the reasons we started 2key! So that every person could source donations easily and cheaply for any cause he chooses!

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2key Donation SmartLink - Support Children with Leukemia

Taal Volcano Eruption

Unfortunately, recent weeks have been quite difficult all around the world. Nature has shown us once again that it’s much more powerful than us human beings.

Sadly, one of the recent tragedies is the Taal Volcano Eruption in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected, many have lost their homes. We stand strong with all of them, sending our best wishes and support!

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2key Donation SmartLink - Taal volcano Eruption

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