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Top 5 campaigns so far - 2key Network Inspiration Contest

Top 5 campaigns so far - 2key Network Inspiration Contest

It's been 2 weeks into our Inspiration contest and the campaigns start piling up.
We took the time to go over them and show you the few we really liked up to this point.

Bushfire Emergency - DONATE FOR AUSTRALIA

The latest news on Australia fires got us all worried, either about the animals being killed, people losing their homes and our world which keeps getting warmer and warmer.
This nice campaign, dedicated to these fires, got our attention, with over 840 ropsten ETH donated.

2key Donation SmartLink - Donate for Australia

Helping Starving Children in East Africa

Africa is the poorest continent by a wide margin (GDP per capita in Africa is ⅓ of Asia and ⅕ of the world average. Visiting Africa can show you what real poverty looks like. Skinny kids wondering shirtless, enabling you to see their entire bone structure. This campaign, aiming to help these children, raises awareness on an important problem, with a nice, clean design and concise message.

2key Donation SmartLink - Help Children Starving in Africa

Gotcha Network

Gotcha will enable the tokenization of every coupon you get so that you can use it and trade it whenever you like! What really got our attention was the great video the contractor created for this campaign.

2key Token Sale SmartLink - Gotcha


Who doesn’t like trains? RHAETIA is the first & oldest steam engine. The above campaign aims at bringing it back to function, creating wide attention for this Bündner monument and to assist technically the restoration work at the main workshop of RhB in Landquart.

2key Donation SmartLink - Raethia

Thorium Green Energy

70% of the world’s energy production is sourced from burning fossil fuels - that means production of energy is the largest source of global greenhouse gas. As we see, global warming is here and its effects are devastating. Thorium could provide a clean and effectively limitless source of power while allaying all public concern—weapons proliferation, radioactive pollution, toxic waste, and fuel that is both costly and complicated to process.

2key Donation SmartLink - Thorium Green Energy

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