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Travel App, Live the Life, Integrates 2key Products

Travel is one of the fastest growing industries, and one that has become increasingly reliant on peer-to-peer engagement. People participate in drawing exposure to holiday rentals, tour services, experiences, and virtually everything associated with travel.

Some multi-billion-dollar companies, like Airbnb, benefit from people’s willingness to leave feedback, while others, like Facebook, profit from people’s willingness to share their experience. Interestingly, a few tech giants like Yelp and TripAdvisor exist simply because people are willing to create content on their experience. Meanwhile, the people who create these revenue streams for the tech giants are not even given a dime.

The travel industry is a hotbed for much-needed disruption and Smart Links will be a powerful enabler of its shift towards a more rewarding experience for those who make travel more enjoyable for others. This vision is also shared by 2key’s newest business collaborator and Smart Link user. Live the Life (LTL) is a company that is changing the dynamics of travel content in 2020. The platform will initiate token rewards for those who drive travel sector’s growth.

A Smart Link binds smart contracts into normal web links. This enables the creator of the Smart Link to gain multi-step tracking of the Smart Link’s shares and subsequently reward those who shared the link whenever a conversion happens. Thus, Smart Links have the potential to enable growth campaigns that can perpetually fund themselves.

What is LTL?

Live the Life is an app that lets “visual storytellers list hip hotels and cool places to live the good life. The end user will discover these hand-picked places based on their geolocation.”

Live the Life, which has sourced over a hundred million unique views, is designed as a travel-centric app for those seeking adventures that are deeply explained by others, through visual and written content. This makes way for improved decision-making opportunities as viewers can thoroughly grasp the experience that awaits them across countless locations across the world. LTL recognizes that user content is the lifeblood of apps like itself, and is therefore launching a tokenized economy that is designed to reward user for the value they create.

2key Network x LTL

Live the Life will be utilizing 2key’s CPC and CPA decentralized growth product verticals.

Smart Links of all the user and company content will be sharable towards targeted audiences and each conversion would distribute a remuneration among all those involved in the chain of shares that brought in a new user. The layer-2 linear scalability of 2key Protocol will ensure the growth faces zero throttle bottlenecks, and native features of Smart Links, allowing seamless wallet creation for all nodes that click on them, will ensure LTL is fed a stream of users that already possess a Web3 wallet.

The CPC and CPA verticals will allow LTL to launch campaigns that:

  • Pay only for results
  • Pay their own users, thereby solidifying community loyalty
  • Avoid dependence on just 2 or 3 centralized sources of growth
  • Automate their growth and remuneration processes
  • Analyze provably genuine conversion data

… without any upfront cost.

About 2key Network

2key Network is a layer-two scalability solution that enables eased transitioning from the Web 2 to the Web 3. By simply clicking on a Smart Link, a proprietary technology created by 2key, a user’s browser is turned into a node with a noncustodial wallet.

Smart Links are a business solution that transforms web links for the decentralized web. The protocol powering them offers multi-step tracking that allows businesses to embed economic models into links representing their web domains and business goals. The 2key Network empowers businesses to compensate their fans, followers, clients, customers, etc. for helping them grow their business and achieving business

Click a Smart Link. Join the decentralized web.

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