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Understanding 2key Qi points

Update (Feb 2021): Qi Points is the New Name for 2key Reputation Points

Qi - 氣  (Pronounced "chee")  is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity in traditional Chinese culture, and SmartLinks are the vessel that carries humans’ vital need to communicate and boosts that vitality by rewarding enriching content sharing.

What are Qi Points?

Qi points are reputation points rewarding people creating, sharing, and engaging with 2key SmartLinks and 2key network. Qi points yield 2KEY tokens distributed at the end of each epoch (currently weekly). Raising your Qi score proportionally increases the amount of 2KEY tokens rewarding your activity.

The purpose of QI points is triple:

  • Encourage and reward creating and sharing quality content with the people who might be interested in it. (Spammers beware - negative feedback lead to loss of Qi points!)
  • Create a social score that helps redistribute the wealth generated on the Internet to its users instead of concentrating it in the hands of mega-corporations, 
  • Helping 2key network prosper and reach mass adoption.

In the future, Qi Score will be used for additional functions, i.e., enabling sponsors to select users with a minimum Qi Score to share their SmartLinks, qualify as a validator, and more.

How do I Earn Qi Points?

2key protocol enables granular genealogical attribution of each interaction with a SmartLink to the entire referral chain leading to it. When a conversion occurs (click, purchase, donation), the 2key protocol allows rewarding each member of a referral chain with Qi points allocated as described in the table below:

In addition, you can earn or lose Qi points from feedback as follows:

Qi points are earned or lost but never bought, so your Qi score is entirely in your hands.

An example of a rewarding SmartLink:

Example: A SmartLink that received 6 approved clicks out of 7, in 3 layers referral chain.

How Much is one Qi point worth?

The value of individual Qi points varies every epoch.

20% of 2key network’s total 2KEY tokens supply (120 million 2KEY) is reserved to the community rewards for at least a decade, with an epoch budget fluctuating proportionally to the activity on the network.

You can always check both your estimated Personal and Network Rewards for the active epoch from your account “My activity” tab or your page’s Dashboard Network tab.

Your share of the Network Reward is calculated pro-rata to your personal share of the total activity for each segment of the total activity for the active epoch as follows:

Epoch Qi Count: 50%
Total Qi Count: 25%
Staked 2KEY tokens: 25%

What happens when the reserved 2KEY tokens budget is spent after 10 years?

Replenishing that budget is fully integrated into 2key tokenomy, as 255 of 2key network fee is taken out of circulation and into the deep freeze pool contract, where it is locked for at least 10 years, after which it will be used to replenish the Reputation Mining pool.

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