Why Businesses will use 2key Network

For a quick insight into what 2key Network is, you may read the product description.

Referral marketing is already one of the most prominent means of drawing customer/investor interest. As exchanges and token sales in the Crypto space consistently rely on the referral marketing, 2key Network’s Smart Links have a go-to market that is already familiar with the intricacies of blockchain technology, and one that also appreciates the value of decentralization. However, Smart Links are designed for usage well beyond the Crypto space.

Despite being a decentralized technology, 2key Network’s Smart Links are launched through a familiar user dashboard with several means of sign-up. Once onboarded, anyone can become a contractor, for free, by launching a referral campaign. This leads to one of the most important reasons behind businesses innate interest in Smart Links: it’s free to get started.

Using 2key Network is the Rational Decision

While most promotional channels have set-up fees, 2key Network ensures contractors only pay once they achieve provable results. Decentralization aside, 2key Network’s technological offering well exceeds the offering of current mainstream exposure services. A hoard of other first-ever benefits make the use of 2key Network not only easy, but also a more cost-effective and results-driven tool, thereby making the use of 2key Network the rational Decision for businesses.

A summarized insight into 2key’s competitive advantage.

Pay for Results

The vast portion of the promotions on the internet are through display ads which typically charge customers (contractors) on a CPM basis. In advertising, CPM is the cost a customer faces for a thousand impressions of the ad. Even if not a single impression leads to the ad’s goal, the business must pay each time a thousand impressions are delivered by the ad-space provider.

On fewer occasions, a business may have the opportunity to use CPC banner ads. While such opportunities are rare, they too do not guarantee at business’s ability to pay only for results. CPC (cost per click) ads charge a business each time an ad is clicked. Whether or not the click leads to a conversion, the ad payment has to be made.

2key Network is the rational Decision: With 2key Network, contractors can create Smart Links and choose to only pay for a lead’s conversion into a customer/investor. For the first time, advertisers will be able to use an exposure mechanism that allows them to pay for just results. 2key Network will enable advertisers to choose when they make the payment to referrers so businesses can run CPM or CPC ads, if they so choose.

Easy to Use

Existing banner advertising solutions require expertise in SEM (search engine marketing) and SMM (social media marketing. Meanwhile, technical understanding is necessary for launching SaaS (software as a service). The training needed to optimally use existing marketing solutions either forces companies to employ talent in the field or train the existing labor, so they know needed skills.

2key Network is the rational Decision: 2key campaigns are incredible easy to start as a contractor needs to merely make an account and then simply fill in some data fields to launch the campaign. The entry barrier is virtually nil.

Getting started with 2key is easy and quick.


Digital banner ads disturb users’ content consumption. Existing referral solutions, on the other hand, require referrers to sign-up to individual programs in order to be part of the program.

2key Network is the rational Decision: People already share links every day. 2key links fit into the habit and thus people can refer or be referred through 2key links without facing any disturbance in their experience with the web. Moreover, 2key links don’t require users to sign up to individual programs; instead, the moment a person has access to a Smart Link, he/she is automatically part of the referral chain and the referral system.


Market leaders in the digital ad sector and existing providers of referral marketing operate exclusively on fiat.

2key Network is the rational Decision: 2key Network’s soon-to-be-announced partner will ensure people can launch contracts with fiat. Moreover, 2key is a tokenized project so, naturally, it is operable with Crypto. 2key is compatible with the current status quo of payments as-well-as the potential future means of payments.

Effectiveness and Virality

Word of mouth is the most powerful means of exposure, but mere banner ads do not lead users to discuss products within social circles.

2key Network is the rational Decision: Virality, which delivers incredible online word of mouth reach, enables brands to reach new audiences. 2key is designed to encourage high distribution of links to the right audience and, with sufficient sharing, develop virality. 2key Network adds as the catalyst needed to achieve faster and greater virality.

Provable Performance

Typically, the campaign data for a banner ad is provided by the platform that offered the ad space. Similarly, existing referral campaign solutions operate as SaaS which provide campaign data. However, both means of exposure requires advertisers to trust a third party’s reports.

2key Network is the rational Decision: With 2key Network, conversions are recorded as transactions on layer 1, which is a public blockchain. The recording of conversions on an immutable and transparent public network ensures that contract creators have the guarantee of accurate data as it can be verified with ease.

Ethereum blockchain is 2key Network’s layer 1.

Ever-Growing Referral Chains

Traditional referral marketing is highly limited in terms of multi-step tracking. Thus, if you have ever observed a referral program, it may at most reward up to 3 people involved in a subsequent chain of shares.

2key Network is the rational Decision: 2key Network is able to track the entire lifetime of a link’s shares and thus incentivizes people to share links without being concerned about whether the link’s share chain has become too long to be detectable by the tracking mechanism.

This feature also ensures people are willing to forward links to others who may know the right conversion market. Thus, the game theory plot at hand is to ensure people are incentivized to not just find leads, but also find others who can find leads, as both decisions are in the sharer’s best interest.

Advanced Tracking

Click-tracking solutions that are used in the existing referral marketing and banner ads are limited in data capture. Present trackers can at most capture the regional source of the click and the time of click.

2key Network is the rational Decision: Smart Links are able to capture various other aspects, including the on-chain identity of the clicker, the on-chain identity of the people whose shares led to the click, and the identities of the people a converted lead forwards the link. If the click is sourced from a person who has created a 2key account, then a substantial amount of other data points can be collected as-well.

Perhaps the most important differentiation is that 2key Network doesn’t offer the above-stated data points for just clicks, but also for specifically converted leads. The data collectible with 2key allows businesses to, among other things, get a better grasp of their market.

Other benefits like bypassing ad blockers or the use of algorithms that draw participant reputations to prevent system abuse also make the product appealing to businesses. The above-stated reasons offer insight into some of the most important reasonings which make 2key Network the most rational means of acquiring exposure.

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