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Re-Inventing the Link

Linking Your Way to Success

2key network is the all-in-one platform for building multi-step referral campaigns.
All within a Link.

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Multi-step tracking. 
The ultimate referral technology

2key’s blockchain technology creates groundbreaking links that track and record every person who interacts with them.
Use these links to build innovative referral campaigns that reward every person in a referral chain, and incentivize people to collaborate in getting your campaign to its right audience.

Build new connections
Grow your outreach
Reach your goals 

Incentivise your fans and supporters to help you drive conversions in a whole new way. The key is in rewarding people for taking part in a referral chain leading up to a conversion. This way, every person who receives your link is incentivised to continue forwarding it, boosting its reach and productivity.

Why Blockchain?


Connecting people directly in a peer-to-peer network reduces failure points, lowering costs and increasing security.


Crypto means no borders for value transfer, so you can perform international transactions with greater security, speed, and liquidity.


By running on the Ethereum public blockchain, 2key campaign naturally generates trust - interactions, transactions, and participants are on a public ledger.

How it Works?


Design and create a powerful campaign in minutes.
Use our friendly campaign builder to seamlessly build a beautiful campaign over a smart-contract.


Reach and grow your audience by sharing your campaign's link and incentivising people to forward it through any social or messaging platform.
Users do not need to have a web 3.0 address in advance!


Get to know how your campaign is spreading across the web in real time, understand your real impact, optimize your campaign and drive more conversions.


Watch as your campaign generates outstanding results, automatically rewarding those who helped you. Then, manage your new funds directly from your 2key dashboard.

Why is 2key Different?

We’re not just a way of getting your links in front of more eyeballs. We’re an entirely new model that makes people trust, listen and participate in your campaigns.

Personalized outreach driving better conversions and value

2key campaigns are targeted by people, not algorithms. That’s a huge advantage - people use social understanding to find the right people for your campaign, getting you better matches, more conversions, and better value over time.

Real-time data empowering smarter optimization 

View precisely how your link spreads across the web and gain powerful information and learn what resonates best with your audience. Now you can choose your strategies like a pro, based on accurate data, even if you’re not a tech expert.

Gaining trust through automation 

2key campaigns are run by smart contracts and managed by the code. So users can rest assured that they’ll get their fair share for their contribution or participation. And when people trust you, they’re happy to engage with you.

Building a global community of fair sharing

2key network is a platform, a technology, and a movement for a new age of sharing. For the first time, everyone can get their fair share for their information sharing and connections. Now, you can join the revolution. 

Learn more about 2key's technology

Not exactly sure what multi-step tracking is, want to understand better what kind of reward models you can use?
2key tech section has all the information you need! from the 2key protocol to our smart contract GitHub, and even 2key Labs research projects and roadmap.

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Create the SmartLink that matches your project with a 2key unique smart contract and maximize your reach with our integrated incentivized referral system.

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Boost your ERC token sales with 2key referral campaigns.
You can create a new token or use your own

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Expand the ability to raise funds for your charity or cause by automatically rewarding your supporters for bringing in more donors

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Pre-sell access to your video session and automatically process payments

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More 2key network features

2key Wallet

Simply create and use a 2key built-in secure hd wallet, or work directly from your Metamask or Ledger wallet.

Web 2.0 Friendly

Join in with your browser, 2key doesn’t require you to have a web 3.0. address in advance.

Incentive Models

We offer 5 different models to incentivize your referrers, choose the one for you.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Whether you are a contractor or referrer, you’ll never get lost with 2key simple intuitive dashboard.

Get Feedback

Each 2key link contains an option to give feedback on it’s content or sender, therefore strengthening trust.

Supports your Tokens

Supports ERC tokens, including stable-coins, or fiat currencies through bank transfer, or, buy with credit card.

Know Your Customer

When participants identification is required, use 2key KYC product for free, or select an integrated third-party service.

Campaigns Marketplace

Showcase all your campaigns in 2key’s marketplace, where new people can discover you.

Participation Tokens

Reward your supporters with unique customized participation tokens for their donations.

Self- Serve Network

It’s never been easier to launch a referral campaign, 2key doesn’t require any software or code integration.

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