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Why Smart Links?

Smart Links power your campaigns by granularly tracking and rewarding your referrers’ activity.

How it Works

Embedded into each Smart Links is a Smart Contract that keeps track of each share of your campaign. 

Then it rewards the referrer!

Embed Trust in Your Community!

Fusing smart contracts with HTTP links, Smart Links create a future where online sharing is fairly rewarded.

Forget Managing Your Campaign

Just set up your campaign and seed it.

From tracking to rewarding your referrer, everything is run automatically from the smart contract in your campaign smart link.

Cement your loyal supporters, community members, and existing customers

Decentralization is here

Do not sit on the sidelines of history

Marketing already relies heavily on user-engagement, and the trend is accelerating.
Turbo-charge your users’ engagement by co-opting them in the new decentralized economy where everyone wins!

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