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2key V0.6 is Live!

We are happy to update on a new version for 2key network.

2key V0.6 is now live at with quite a few improvements.

Check out the main updates:

  1.  ZERO FEES to deploy and launch SmartLinks.
    One of 2key’s most essential updates towards mass adoption SmartLinks is our brand new layer2 solution that works for running SmartLink campaign contracts completely free backed on Ethereum - costing ZERO fees to deploy!
    Refer the SmartLink and earn reputation points for clicks downstream from you to earn 2KEY tokens with the Reputation Mining Monthly Reward program.

  1. 2key new Swap -DEXes MarketPlace -  Providing the best available swaps.
    The new swap is one more huge step towards integrating the best DeFi tools in the world with 2key network and allows users to have better accessibility, fast, and cheaper token swaps and better manage their tokens straight from 2key, as a one-stop-shop.

    The new swap will also allow users to make arbitrage on tokens straight from the network, and not only for 2KEY token!

    Check out the 2key swap here

  1. New header, menus & wallet unlock UX
    Accessing your wallet, Creating or switching between pages, and a snapshot of your assets and reputation score- all in one place now- just click your image on the top right side.
New header, menus & wallet unlock UX

  1. Twitter Login Enabled
    Because crypto loves twitter :)

sign in with twitter

  1. Improved Analytics on Refgraph - We now show 3 new aggregation stats per node: approved clicks/views directly/downstream from user.

  2. Lowering the cost of adding budget to PPC SmartLinks by 60%.  
    Creating PPC SmartLink just became cheaper- an important factor, especially in today’s crazy gas fees.

  3. Track transactions while in progress in SEND and SWAP.
    Transactions status is now presented right after they are sent.

track pending transactions

And as with any new version, many new better scalability, speed improvements and a few bug fixes.

2key is a Layer2 solution to Ethereum Blockchain, that transforms today’s HTTP links into Tomorrow’s Decentralized Web. Creators of the SmartLink.

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