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Announcing 2KEY Token Initial Listing!

Making Tokens Great Again: Introducing the 2KEY Token Sale & Distribution Event!

TL;DR: The 2key network Token (2KEY) will be on presale until May 11th, in three different allocations, and will be listed for usage and trading at approximately 3 pm UTC on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020!

2key’s Recent Progress and Some Upcoming News

2key Protocol and SmartLink technology have been developed over the course of 2+ years. With the core technology ready, after deploying the 2key network on the Ethereum main-net earlier this year, we are now able to release new SmartLink products faster than ever.

2key network first products; 2key Contract for Token sale, and 2key contract for crowdfunding donations have been deployed earlier this year on the Ethereum main-net and hosted 25+ live campaigns to date.

In the last couple of weeks, we have built a third product with insights and collaborative feedback from an exceptional partner, one of the most important tech giants in this pandemic era - Zoom! And we proudly announced last week that 2key became the first blockchain/crypto project on Zoom marketplace! 

This already traveled fast around the globe, with over 60 mentions in major news outlets worldwide. Check it out on Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance, Coindesk, and Defiant


PPC SmartLinks

2key’s flagship, biggest product - turn any HTTP link to a SmartLink that can track, incentivize and reward people for sharing it, based on a pay-per-click model (or just tracking with no reward). Smartlinks use 2key Protocol’s latest version and will be launched on the Ethereum main-net right after the token listing!  

Over 45 companies from the crypto space have already signed up to be launch partners and will be using SmartLinks as soon as it is operational, creating organic demand and cash flow for 2KEY tokens from day one.

Compliance, adoption, and Expansion 

To date, 15K+ users have registered with the 2key network, and already created over 300 pages. 2key’s smart contracts operate a fiat on-ramp with 17 fiat currencies for users from 180 countries. Starting next month, 2key contracts will also accept DAI, USDT & TUSD, and we plan to accept BTC in Q3 of this year. We are also exploring more global solutions for a better on-ramp off-ramp to fiat.
We will soon roll out many modifications in 2key layer 2, to support faster, smoother onboarding and registration, and lower Tx costs by batching Txs in layer 2 first.

2KEY Token

The 2key economy is based on 2KEY, an ERC20 token. 2KEY has a finite amount of 600 Million tokens, and its contract address is 0xe48972fcd82a274411c01834e2f031d4377fa2c0 

 Note: 2key network is written in lowercase and 2KEY tokens in CAPITALS.

2KEY tokens are the blood that flows and drives the 2key network. They are a unit of value and a medium of exchange native to the 2key network and can be used in many ways, such as:

1. 2KEY is the default reward for 2key SmartLinks referrers. When a referral chain leads to a conversion (purchase, booking, download, sign-in, donation, etc.), each person in that referral chain receives their share of the reward as defined in the smart contract.

2. 2KEY scores both contractor and referrers’ participation and reputation on the network.

3. 2KEY is the default token to pay the network integrators that provide services on the network for a fee.

4. Staking 2KEY is required to activate specific campaigns that do not contain a referral reward.

5.  2KEY is used to provision budgets for non-monetary conversion campaigns (PPC, Signup, Lead Generation, etc.)

6. 2KEY will be engineered as the default staking and reward token once 2key Protocol is supplied as an SDK, and for 2key Multi-Party-State-Network technology (read more on our WhitePaper).


Why a Token?

We believe in the future of the decentralized global world.
We agree that global inequality must be corrected by redistributing wealth.
We’re sure that ownership of future systems will be more equitable and accessible.
We know that when users benefit from the system’s success, it is more powerful and robust.

Tokens are the best solution for all of the above.

*The tokens are not an investment opportunity.

2KEY Token Distribution

We have been asked countless times when the token sale and distribution would take place. Our answer has always been: “Once we create organic demand for the token!” Now, that day has come :)

2KEY tokens enable the holder to create and budget PPC SmartLinks and to participate in 2key community pool, and are given as referral rewards in all of the current live four 2key network products.

We created an innovative token sale experience

Unlike many ICOs or simple token sales of the past, where participants received an address to send ETH to, 2key has developed an innovative product for better, more secure, and transparent token sales, and we use it for our 2KEY token sale! 

The 2key tokens product is based on a novel Smart Contract that contains:

 -  All the the specific sale parameters (e.g., Dates, Goals, Amounts, etc.) 

- The 2key Protocol,  including its multi-step referral model. 

- The ability to collect and securely store ETH.

- Locking tokens according to the selected lockup model.

- Storing and automatically distributing the tokens sold through the smart contract!

We are Excited to Announce the 2KEY Token Sale Mechanism & Timeline

On May 12th, 2020!  2KEY Token will be unlocked for usage and trading!

It will be a very special day for the global crypto community, and not only because of Bitcoin halving date :)

The 2KEY Token will be available for purchase and swap on a well-known centralized exchange (TBA May 15) and, a few days later, also on one of the most active DEXs (decentralized exchange) in the space. - one of the leading, most experienced market makers and liquidity providers in the Space will provide liquidity, OTC service, and balanced trading for the token at any given moment.

Those exchanges API will be connected with the 2key exchange contract to fulfill that contract according to an organic demand from the network.

We are already negotiating with several prominent exchanges, so expect to see more 2KEY listing soon.

2KEY Token Sale

To date, we have sold the 2KEYToken only to a small number of select participants who supported us from the project onset and helped us reach 76% of our $6M hard cap.
We dedicated the remaining allocation to allow our community and supporters to take an integral part in the network success and growth, using and benefiting from it by buying tokens or earning 2KEY for sharing the token sale SmartLink with new audiences.

Unlike many ICOs or simple token sales of the past, where participants received an address to send ETH to, 2key has developed an innovative product for better,more secure, and transparent token sales, and we use it for our 2KEY token sale!

The 2KEY Token will have 3 official sales between May 4th and May 11th:

  • 2key public pre-sale for major buyers: an $800K goal with similar conditions as the last private sale round; the minimum participation is$40K, and the maximum is $200K. 30% bonus with a lockup vesting in 13 equalparts starting May 12, 2020, with a 30 days interval between each unlock.
    This round carries a 2key referral reward of 6% from the collected funds!
    Get Tokens or Share & Earn from here

  • 2key Public sale: a $400K goal: a $400K goal. A public sale to the 2key community, with $2K minimum participation and $5K maximum participation. No Bonus and No Lockup.
    This round will have a 2key referral reward of 6% from the collected funds!
  • 2key IEO: a public offering on a known exchange with a $200K goal. Maximum participation of $500 per user. No Lockup. TBA on May 11th.

2KEY token sale will accept ETH (Ether tokens) that can be purchased directly with a credit card on the participation funnel. Participants will need to create a 2key wallet or connect their Metamask or Ledger wallet. (If you like to participate with a different token, please contact us by email -

We welcome our community and followers to participate in any of the sales above and to refer their links for a referral reward! The links for the 2key Public Sale can be found only on 2key community channels!

How to participate

In order to participate in the 2KEY token sale, please follow these steps:
1. Open the campaign link and click Get tokens Now.
2.  Sign In your account or create one.
3. Create a 2key wallet or connect your Ledger or Metamask and send the desired amount to its address.
4. After your account and wallet are set, enter the participation amount (in ETH or USD) and approve the Tx.
5. After the Tx was processed, submit your KYC documents.
6. Once your KYC is approved (up to 3 business days), your 2KEY tokens will show up in the My Activity section in your 2key Dashboard. From May 12th you can withdraw them to your wallet, use them, or trade them.


A few important points to make sure you purchase the tokens safely and securely. 

  1. Participation is only available from a 2key Tokens SmartLink: There is no other way to buy 2KEY tokens. Even if participation does not occur directly with ETH.
  2. Double-check official sources: All official announcements will be cross-posted on our Telegram news channel, 2key Blog, our Twitter, and on our newsletter. To minimize chances of getting scammed, it’s critical to join our newsletter and follow our official channels. 
  3. We will never approach you first on Telegram: Period! If you want to talk to us in a private message,  write the first one, please.
  4. Message us: The team is always available on Telegram and via email. If there are any concerns, please message us directly. If you notice a potential scammer, please let one of the team members know immediately.
    For token sale inquiries please email us at, for general inquiries use, and for support questions, please fill the support form or email us at

2key Transparency

Just as 2key network and technology are based on a decentralized public blockchain, so are we working towards greater transparency at all times. We aims to be a beacon of transparency in the crypto space and here are some significant steps we took to further that goal:

- 2key Public due-Diligence folder containing 2key legal documents, partnerships, patents and much more. Find it at -
- Token distribution full transparency, including the addresses and contracts holding them . Find it here (Column F5-16).
- 2key Smart Contracts are open-sourced. Check the Contracts Page and the Github.
- 2key Smart Contract audit by Solidified. Check the Audit.

We took transparency for token projects one step further.

More Information about 2KEY Token

What’s the token price, and how many tokens will be listed now?

2KEY official Token price is $0.06 (6 cents), and 2KEY token sale hard cap is $6M. The maximum number of tokens for sale is 21% of the total supply (of 600M tokens). All the buyers in the early token sales have smart contract managed lockups on their tokens for up to 1 year. On distribution date, up to 4.8% of the total token supply will be free to trade, and at the end of the first year, 26.1%. Check the details distribution here.

Where can I see the full distribution of the 2KEY token now, and in the future?

The detailed 2KEY pools and allocations are presented on the 2key Token page. We have also created a detailed sheet of the 2KEY Tokens pools, unlocking dates of each pool, and full trajectory of the unlocked tokens, as well as projected demand and free circulation. The sheet also contains the address of all the tokens and smart contracts holding them with their lockups. Check it here.

We took transparency for token projects one step further.

Who bought and who can buy the tokens?

In the private 2KEY token sale to date, a total of 24 participants have made a purchase, including Individuals and Crypto VCs. 

We now welcome our community, users, and followers to participate as well. 

Please note: We cannot allow participation for people from Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Israel, and the US. All participants must send their KYC documents as part of the process to get approved.

How will 2KEY Tokens be distributed in the future?

The total amount of tokens is divided into nine different designations, each having a different lockup period and a different release form. From the second half of the first year, the community pool will start to be released (2% a year), from the second year, the team tokens will start getting unlocked, and by our projection, from the third year, MPSN (Multi-Party-State- Network) tokens will start getting released. The Tokens will be released from the various contracts according to their unlocking times, and only for the purposes for which they are intended! Check out the distribution and token addresses and contracts here.

Have 2key Smart Contracts been Audited?

2key main smart contracts (including the token sale contract) have been audited by Solidified, one of the most trusted firms in the space. Check the audit report here.

What’s next for 2key?

2key PPC SmartLinks, supporting more tokens and better fiat on-ramp/off-ramp, more features, increased speed and stability, new collaborations and partnerships. Our Roadmap is constantly getting updated, check it here-

Read. Learn. Explore. 

If you want to learn more about 2key Protocol and network, check out those links:

About 2KEY Token
About 2KEY Protocol and Tech
About 2key Network

2KEY Social Channels

You are welcome to read and learn more about 2key and our plans for the future, and to purchase 2KEYs just before they are officially out, activating the 2key network.
If you have questions about the token sale, please contact us by email: private
For other inquiries, please reach us from, or, talk with us on Telegram.

To get 2key latest updates, subscribe to the 2key newsletter here, and follow our Telegram news channel and Twitter channel.

Join us in this exciting journey!

Your friends at 2key

Legal Note: 2KEY tokens are not investments or investment contracts, nor should they be construed as such. Rather, 2key network tokens are a means of participating in a community-owned, -operated and -governed network protocol. Because the success of the protocol described in this post depends on the efforts of a disparate group of actors, the products and services described herein involve substantial risk. Materials published by 2key do not constitute the provision of advisory services regarding investment, tax, legal, financial, accounting, consulting or any other related services, nor are they a recommendation being provided to buy, sell or purchase any product or service. Further, materials published by 2key reflect the information available as of the time of publishing and are subject to change at any time without notice. 2key will not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising out of the use of this material or its contents. 2key full Terms of service can be found here.

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