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Announcing a New 2key Network Product: Zoom SmartSessions!

2key is the First Blockchain-Crypto Product Officially on the Zoom Marketplace!

Three weeks ago, we announced a big shift in focus to join the global effort in finding new solutions to the COVID-19 and global economic turbulence. We are not doctors (yet), and we have not yet found a vaccine, but we do know how to build decentralized products on the blockchain.
During these crazy times, with the virus in the wild, and the global economy going haywire, almost all of us had to change practices, switching to remote communication, mainly through video calls, we thought a lot about how we can make the lives of all of us a little easier.

Then it hit us! We knew what will help so many these days:

Self-managed Zoom event- Registration, Payment & Promotion Solution!

One of the greatest obstacles people need to overcome right now, with the imposed closures and social distancing, is the ability to maintain continuity, and most people are using remote solutions like video calls. We are all trying to adapt quickly to the new normal.
Many people have started offering their services on Zoom, from yoga teachers, psychologists, or mentors to crypto-webinars and conferences that have completely switch to Zoom. In fact, Zoom’s user base has skyrocketed from 10 million to 200 million (At 2key, we were not surprised by this exponential growth, as we have been using Zoom for over two years and know it is the best product on the market).

Looking at what was missing from Zoom, we noticed that, though Zoom was ideal for global teams, it was not tailored for professional services based in a physical setting, or to replace large events and conferences.

So we came up with an idea!

Zoom has by far the largest user base, and we, therefore, through the power of SmartLink technology, designed a custom solution to address Zoom’s new usage demand from millions of professionals now hosting sessions or events through the platform.

With no major changes to our existing smart contract, and a mere new product line extension from our core technology, we have built, in mere weeks, a SmartLink-based smart contract that allows Zoom’s users to:

- Launch ready-made paywalled sessions.
- Accept cryptocurrencies as payment.
- Grow with the 2key viral referral system of SmartLinks.

A SmartLink Powering a Paywall for any Zoom Session!

We named it SmartSession.

In less than 14 days we built an MVP for this product, connected with the Zoom API, and after few modifications based on Zoom’s feedback and requests, we are super proud to announce to you:

2key is now officially part of the
ZOOM marketplace!
The first-ever Blockchain company on that great marketplace and the first-ever Smart-Contract to support Zoom sessions!

Who can and should use this product?

If you have recently moved your service, webinar, lecture, or anything else, to a live video call, you can now start using 2key Zoom SmartSessions to:
- Use a ready-made paywalls
- Save time collecting registration fees
- Scale your session while rewarding your existing base
- Tap into the $200B crypto hodler user base
-Accept credit cards

There are countless solopreneurs and businesses that can benefit from this solution such as:

  • Sports Instructors
  • Seminars/Webinars organizers
  • Talk Therapists
  • Music Instructors
  • Online Conferences
  • Lecturers & Private Teachers
  • Coaches, Advisors Mentors
  • Remote Support
  • and many others.

How does it work?

If you are new to the 2key network — we have prepared some detailed explanations on how to create a Zoom SmartSession link easily and quickly. You can find a tutorial video here
And a step by step-by-step guide here

Its TL;DR is (If you are new to 2key network)-
A. First Time Use Only (~5 minutes):

  • Create a personal account and a Page (your business/ professional identity).

  • Connect your Ledger/ Metamask wallet, or create a 2key wallet (supporting any ERC Tokens). Note - The page wallet must be a different address from your personal wallet on 2key.

  • Connect your 2key account with your Zoom account in 1 click.

B. Create and share a Zoom SmartSession link (~2–3 minutes):

  • Give your SmartSession a title and some design.
  • Set the session date and time, its duration, price in USD/ETH, and the number of participants.
  • Set a 2key referral incentive as a percentage of the session price (if you want it to reach more people).
  • Deploy the Smart Contract on Ethereum Blockchain (that will cost ~$1 in ETH)
  • Publish the SmartLink with your Zoom participants and beyond!
  • Track the link distribution and its results.
  • Withdraw the collected registration fees from the 2key dashboard straight to your wallet.

That’s it!
No coding needed. No integration, and no upfront cost.

Create your Zoom SmartSession in minutes and get your service not just back on track, but bigger, better, and more durable than ever.

How does it look for participants?

  • Participants click the link, see the session details, and pay the registration fee in ETH (soon also in more cryptocurrencies like DAI, USDT, and others). If they don’t have ETH, we support buying crypto with credit cards directly to their wallet. Visa or MasterCard accepts 17 different Fiat currencies in 180 countries.
  • After the Tx approved, the participant receives the Zoom link of that specific session and approved to log in with the same email.
Soon to support many more currencies!

The world is changing rapidly, even more so during the current chaos caused by the pandemic. The economy around us is becoming increasingly unstable. Now is the time for the people of the world to take one big step towards the future of finance and the future of viral growth — more digital, global, decentralized, fast, and secure.

Expand your payment options today, leap into the Web3.0 future, and gain greater independence over your financial future.

Crypto is here to make the world a fairer and better place to live. Join us!

Learn more and create your Zoom SmartSession here

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