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How to Manage your Zoom Event’s Registration, Payment, and Promotion on Blockchain

The global COVID-19 pandemic led to massive cancellation of events around the world, the most entrepreneurial event and conference organizers are re-inventing the industry by switching to live video, which pushed Zoom user-base from 10M to over 200M in less than 8 weeks!

This is a unique opportunity to exponentially multiply the number of attendees as it removes the time and financial constraints of physically traveling to the event location and finding accommodations.

Easier said than done though.

Setting up a live-video event comes with multiple administrative obstacles. Zoom, by far the solution with the highest user members, allows setting up webinars with up to 100 panelists and 10 000 attendees, which is great. However, they currently only offer Paypal as a payment option and you are left to promote your event with your own email list or market it externally at additional costs and additional registration management headaches.

There is a simple solution though. Relying on a smart contract to run the entire process.

To assist the global community during the pandemic, team created Zoom SmartSession, a comprehensive solution to manage your Zoom events and conferences on blockchain, collect payment in crypto, and automate organic referral marketing with a built-in multi-step, incentivized organic referral solution.

2key SmartSession is the First-ever smart-contract product accepted on Zoom Marketplace!

First Blockchain-Crypto App on Zoom Marketplace

With 2key SmartSessions, managing payment and registration for Zoom events or conferences is fully executed by the embedded smart contracts. Payment is made in cryptocurrencies that can be bought with a Credit Card during the registration process.

The SmartLink used to invite people to your SmartSession automatically collects the admission fee and restricts access to your Zoom event or conference exclusively to paid participants. This last point is particularly crucial as Zoom events have been plagued by digital gate-crashers. Accessing Zoom SmartSession is possible only if signing in with the email used to buy admission rights, effectively eliminating Zoom bombers.

In addition to automating the entire registration, payment collection, Zoom link generation and delivery, SmartSessions come equipped with access to an integrated self-managed, incentivized, organic referral solution to spread the word about your event.

Once the SmartSession is deployed on Ethereum blockchain, the smart contract does all the work for you.

You can watch the number of paid registrations, the number of times your invitation has been previewed and opened, and the number of times it has been shared in real-time from your dashboard.

It looks like this and you can watch the referrals grow and branch out as your potential audience grows through organic referrals.

How does it work?

If you are new to the 2key network — we have prepared some detailed explanations on how to create a Zoom SmartSession link easily and quickly. You can find a tutorial video here
And a step by step-by-step guide here

If you are new to 2key network, its TL;DR is

A. First Time Use Only (~5 minutes):

  • Create a personal account and a Page (your business/ professional identity).
  • Connect your Ledger/ Metamask wallet, or create a 2key wallet (supporting any ERC Tokens). Note — The page wallet must be a different address from your personal wallet on 2key.‍

‍‍‍B. Create and share a Zoom SmartSession link (~2–3 minutes):

  • Connect your 2key account with your Zoom account in 1 click.
  • Give your SmartSession a title and design it.
Creating a Zoom SmartSession Interface

  • Set the session date and time, its duration, price in USD/ETH, and the number of participants.
  • Set a 2key referral incentive as a percentage of the admission ticket price (if you want more people to hear about your event and register).
  • Deploy the Smart Contract on Ethereum Blockchain (cost ~$1 in ETH)
  • Publish the SmartLink with your intended Zoom participants and beyond!
  • Track the link distribution and its results.

  • Withdraw the collected registration fees from the 2key dashboard straight to your wallet.

That’s it!
No coding needed. No integration, and no upfront cost.

‍Create your Zoom SmartSession in minutes and get your event not just back on track, but larger, better, and more durable than ever.‍

How does it look for participants?

  • Participants click the link, see the session details, and pay the registration fee in ETH (soon also in more cryptocurrencies like DAI, USDT, and others). If they don’t have ETH, we support buying crypto with credit cards directly to their wallet. Visa or MasterCard accepts 17 different Fiat currencies in 180 countries.

  • After the Tx approved, the participant receives the Zoom link of that specific session and approved to log in with the same email.

  • If you activated the referral option, participants can also earn crypto by sharing the SmartSession invitation SmartLink. When someone down their referral chain buys a ticket to your event, each referrer of the referral chain leading to that purchase receives the percentage of the reward as defined in the smart contract.

So, time to create your secure Zoom SmartSession?

2key SmartSession is an approved product on the Zoom marketplace and connected with Zoom API. This means it meets all Zoom stringent requirements for usability, reliability, and stability. You can find 2key SmartSessions on Zoom App Marketplace.

2key is a Layer2 solution to Ethereum Blockchain, that transforms today’s HTTP links into Tomorrow’s Decentralized Web. Creators of the SmartLink.

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