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Launching 2key Ambassadors Programs

2key's community is vibrant, active, and growing fast, and now spans over 100 countries worldwide. Crypto might be borderless, but local communities have local customs, languages, and cultural preferences. The rapid global growth of 2key community led us to realize that local communities need a sense of home that only our international community members can provide.
You are invited to join one or both new 2key Ambassadors Programs launched today!

  • Social Miner Ambassadors
  • Community Manager Ambassadors

Social Miner

Social mining is built on the principle that any users can upload and describe the work they have done for the ecosystem. Community members are responsible for validating the uploaded work.

Both workers and validators are rewarded in points, influence, and reputation, on the base of which their share of the reward in 2KEY tokens distributed twice a month is calculated. These rewards can vary from a few cents to a few thousand dollars rewarding very active members with what can amount to a full salary.

Social Mining is the world's first ecosystem plugin to help build decentralized autonomous organizations.

Understanding the Platform

Newcomers unfamiliar with the concept of social mining are invited to consult the social.mining.gitbook manuals listed below.

First-time setup - How to get started with social mining

Dashboard - Overview of the home dashboard

Profile Section - Adding information into your profile.

How to Earn more Tokens

Learn more about social mining, algorithms involved, and how to maximize your monthly payouts. This section provides all the information needed to help you become a grade A community member.

Community Board - How to earn rewards with the community board.

Payouts & Workdrops - Monthly Rewards and how to maximize payouts.

Validator Rewards - How to earn tokens by validating other people's work.

User Index - User Index and its components.

Community Departments

Overview of all the community departments that you will find on the community board. This section will guide you through the community board and explain how you can use your skills to help your ecosystem and get paid.

Marketing & Influencers - Overview & examples of how to earn with marketing.

Tech & Development - Overview of how to earn tokens with tech & open source development.

Business Development - Examples of how to earn with business development.

Community Managers Ambassadors

Over last year, we received numerous offers by 2key enthusiasts keen to work as Community Managers. Many applicants were great people, but we were unprepared for 2key’s rapid international growth and did not have a proper admission funnel. 2key Ambassadors Programs redresses that shortcoming and streamlines local community managers’ onboarding process.

2key Ambassadors will lead 2key promotion in their region by performing various tasks, such as channels' moderation, content creation, translation, and more. As local 2key communities keep growing, more community managers will be needed, so don’t be shy and join the Community Manager Ambassadors Program.

With the 2key new Community Manager Ambassadors Program, you will make a massive impact on 2key adoption and earn a lot of 2KEYs!

Join 2key Ambassadors Program now.

More Details

2key Community Manager Ambassadors' primary role is to find local 2key supporters and help them spread the word about 2key. This comes in addition to social mining that provides pinpoint community tasks.

Communities can be too noisy or too quiet. Excess noise such as off-topic conversations, circular arguments, or shills and trolls' activity, prevent community members from getting valid information. Excess quiet slowly kills the community and condemns it to oblivion.

We are looking for CMs experienced in managing Telegram channels and experts at keeping the community engaged and informed.

As a 2key CM, you will be expected to have a high level of understanding of 2key platform, products, wallet functions, token opportunities, etc., and have the capacity to distill that knowledge to your community and to answer their questions, leading them to a better understanding of 2key.

Some people don't speak English, but they deserve to be informed. 2key CM Ambassadors are expected to translate the daily 2key news and essential announcements and articles once in a while.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on! Ambassadors with creative minds should create original content, and promote it with their communities.

What are 2key CM Ambassadors’ roles?

2key will have one local community per country.

Each community will have two CM Ambassadors.

When a country's population is between 20M-100M, the number of ambassadors per community is raised to three, and to four for countries with over 100M inhabitants.  

As a 2key ambassador, you will:

  • Moderate local community group
  • Translate all news & announcements into your language
  • Translate at least one blog post per month
  • Create original content about 2key and share it with 2key SmartLinks, at least 5 SmartLinks per month.
  • Engage with the community by creating random tasks, quizzes, and AMAs.
  • Arrange local meetups or webinars.
  • Attend monthly meeting with other Community Ambassadors
  • Support the adoption and growth of 2key and #DeMar

Our Expectations

We appoint ambassadors to local communities of at least 200 people and 5% activity.

If there is no such community in your region- create one!

To be a 2key ambassador, you need to have skin in the game, which means you need to prove that you own at least 1000 2KEYs for over 30 days.

You also need to be a user on 2key Network for at least 30 days - we want people who know the 2key Network, used it, and are familiar with it enough to spread the word.

How to become a 2key Ambassador:

  1. Proof of Participation - Fill the sign-up form and include your 2key @handle - Must have a 2key account & HODL 2KEY for at least 30 days
  2. Proof of Network - Create a SmartLink for your local country (you can choose up to 3 countries if you have influence there) and get 100 approved clicks. Use this article as the target URL for your SmartLink
  3. Proof of Language - Translate 2 out of our 5 latest news announcements
  4. Proof of Knowledge - Pass a knowledge test about 2key technology, network, and website
  5. Proof of Humanity - Personal Zoom talk

Ambassador Rewarding System

The last requirement for a 2key Ambassador is to hodl 2,000 2KEY tokens at all times.

Every 2key Ambassador will earn a monthly payout + bonus depending on his activity.

The fixed fee for a 2key Ambassador will be $100 USD paid in 2KEY tokens.

Being an ambassador isn't just a task with detailed instructions that anyone can follow,  you will need to think outside the box, and engage the local community in many different ways.

Ambassadors who go the extra mile and show a high and efficient activity level in their local community can earn up to USD 200 monthly extra, paid in 2KEY tokens.

Join 2key Ambassadors Program now.

Want to become a 2key ambassador? Find our best knowledge sources in the links below, make sure you know everything about 2key before you apply.

About 2KEY Token
About 2KEY Protocol and Tech
About 2key Network

2KEY Social Channels

Join 2key Ambassadors Program now.

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