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Track Your Posts Sharing's Reach in Detail and Earn Residual Passive Income with SmartLinks

As an Internet user, the odds that you have shared an article or a blog post on social media, on a messenger app, or by email, is sky-high. Have you ever wondered how effective was that sharing or if you are just wasting time and effort, or even worse, possibly annoying your audience?

Now, there is a simple way to see exactly how many times the link you shared has been opened or reshared.

It does not matter where you share it. Tracking the spread of the SmartLink you share depends on your SmartLink itself, regardless of how you share it. With SmartLinks’ dashboard, a single source displays your link statistics, even if you posted it on multiple platforms. There you can see how many times your link was viewed, how many times it was opened, and how many times it was shared further by each individual recipient.

Content Marketing Strategy - 2key SmartLink Referral Booster

When your SmartLink is shared through the Refer and Earn button, you can follow exactly how many layers of shares and reshares it generated, giving you a bird’s eye picture of the way the content you shared is gaining traction.

Free to use, SmartLinks are easy to create. Simply copy-paste the link you want to share in the 2key app and share the SmartLink instead of the original link.

With the SmartLink technology, every time your link is viewed — as in the thumbnail and image are shown, opened, or shared, the action is recorded on the blockchain. The recorded interactions can be viewed in your SmartLink dashboard and, even better, they are automatically entered in the 2key Reputation Mining program that grants points to SmartLink creators and sharers based on the quality of the interactions.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, this might be an excellent way to start earning crypto without disbursing a cent.

Why turn any link into a SmartLink before sharing it?

There are many reasons to turn a regular link into a SmartLink, depending on who you are. Even better, you can even create entirely new content from a Hosted smartLink, using the built-in editor to give your content a professional feel. So, whether you want to share existing content or use SmartLink as a content creating platform, SmartLinks are the way to go!

As a regular person

Today, when you share a link on your social media account, the platform gives you limited info, if any, as to the reach of your posting.

Content Marketing Strategy - 2key SmartLink Referral Booster 2

Track your influence

Without knowing how many people actually open the link you shared, it is nigh impossible for you to know if your audience is really interested in the content you provide or just liking it or sharing it because they like you.

For example, Facebook lets you know how many likes, shares, and comments you garnered from the posts on your personal profile, but says nothing about how many people clicked on the link you shared in your post or even how many times it has been viewed. The same happens when you share a post in a FB group.

Twitter and LinkedIn are more generous with letting you know the number of clicks and shares garnered from your account, but if you want to share someone else’s Linkedin post or a Tweet intentionally or on a different platform, you have no way to evaluate the impact of that sharing activity.

By turning the link you share into a SmartLink, you will know exactly how many times it has been viewed — and the number of times it has been opened. When it is shared further through the SmartLink’s Refer and Earn button, you can see how many layers of sharing your SmartLink generated.

In keeping with the 2key philosophy of considering that considerate content sharing is work, you can even earn a residual income for your efforts. Scroll down for more information.

As an influencer or a micro-influencer

Content Marketing Strategy - 2key SmartLink Referral Booster 3

When talking to potential clients interested in using your influence to promote their content, the million-dollar question is about the actual reach or conversion rate you can provide.

The rise of click farms, click bots, fake followers accounts, and other unsavory systems to extort money from clients in exchange for little value made potential clients wary of onboarding new influencers, unless agencies vet them.

Provide proven records of your actual reach

Showing prospective clients the actual impact of the content you shared, regardless of the platform, is a highly effective way to demonstrate the tangible influence you are offering.

Even better, you have the option of defining a target audience by geolocation, gender, and age, enabling you to specialize in a target audience. Your SmartLink dashboard will show your total number of clicks and the number of qualified clicks. Qualified clicks are the total number of clicks minus those filtered out for being either outside the target audience or of fraudulent origins. What a way to demonstrate to your client that your influence is genuine!

As you share more and more SmartLink, your reputation score will reflect your sharing activity’s effectiveness, as you gain reputation points from health conversion and positive feedback and lose points for spammy behavior and negative feedback.

These reputation points are also earning you a residual passive income. Scroll down for more about earning.

As an advertiser

Content Marketing Strategy - 2key SmartLink Referral Booster 4

If you work in advertising, you are fully aware of the value of content shared by users compared to the value of sponsored content. No need to tell you that referral campaign impact outshines paid advertising by far. Yet, a lot of content is not suitable for classic referral campaigns.

Incentivize your audience to share your content

With PPC SmartLinks, you can add rewards on a Pay per Click model that automatically rewards referrers and their referral chain when a click occurs. Even better, you fully control the click’s cost, without any sudden spike due to ad bidding.

Click here for a full description of PPC SmartLink or go straight to the tutorial to create one.

For Everyone

Sharing content implies taking action. That action is increasing the visibility of the content share, bringing value to the content creator. Yet, today, the work you provide by sharing that content is not remunerated, it benefits someone else. With SmartLink, your sharing activity generates monetary value for you as the sharer!

Earn a residual passive income

Content Marketing Strategy - 2key SmartLink Referral Booster 5

Yes, you are reading correctly!

All social media platforms are built on the premise that your sharing activity increases the time spent on their platform and buys them valuable eye time for the ads they make a living from. In other words, when you share content, you work for them and earn nothing while they rake in billions of dollars.

SmartLinks are based on the exact opposite philosophy and designed to encourage careful sharing based on your readers’ interests. A far cry away from algorithms conceived to maximize profit for the platform, even at the cost of polarizing opinion as is increasingly palpable today. Without getting into a long debate, let’s say that, whereas today’s social media platforms are powered by the interest of a small number of shareholders at the expense of any other consideration, 2key network is powered by a goal of wealth redistribution through cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain technology behind SmartLinks is coupled with cryptocurrency tokens, the monetary value of which increases as they are used.

Every SmartLink is entered into the Reputation Mining program, which distributes 2KEY tokens to SmartLinks creators and to SmartLink referrers. The content quality and the sharing activity targeted focus is measured by the conversion rate and recipients’ feedback,

People who share your SmartLink with the Refer and Earn button are rewarded, including for qualified activity down their referral chain!

The entire system is conceived to, as the 2key network grows, restore power to people over the use made from their sharing activity, and earn their fair share of the revenue generated by their efforts.

To understand the way this wealth redistribution works, you are invited to read 2key’s Token Economics White Paper.

How does it work?

It is straightforward

  1. Create a 2key account
  2. Copy-paste the link you want to share
  3. If needed, edit the title, image, and thumbnail text, as you would for an introduction to your shared link in your social media post.
  4. Deploy your SmartLink — This means it will be included in the blockchain for full transparency and enable the activity recording that generates the analytics and calculates and distributes the rewards.
  5. Share your SmartLink at will.
Content Marketing Strategy - 2key SmartLink Referral Booster 6

Content Marketing Strategy - 2key SmartLink Referral Booster

Access the full tutorial here

So, if you have a link to share, turn it into a SmartLink now.

What is a SmartLink?

A Smartlink is a regular link with an embedded protocol that monitors interactions with the link and uses the results to provide detailed analytics and smart contracts that calculate the conversion rate of the sharing activity and distribute rewards.

It is based on blockchain technology, which guarantees full transparency as well as prevents any falsification of the results.

2key is a Layer2 solution to Ethereum Blockchain, that transforms today’s HTTP links into Tomorrow’s Decentralized Web. Creators of the SmartLink.

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