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Your SmartLinks are now Shared with the Entire 2key Community

Great News for the 2key community! The Explore section is now open!

Until now, unless someone sent you a SmartLink, the only places you could find Smartlinks were on 2key Twitter and Telegram accounts.
As for the SmartLinks you created, the only people who opened them or referred them were your own circle of friends.

Yet, since 2key SmartLinks went live, or, more precisely, since gas fees to create SmartLinks have been eliminated, thousands of people have created SmartLinks. Now it is time to give those SmartLinks some visibility.

What is New in Your 2key Account Homepage?

From May 24, 2021, when you visit your 2key personal account, instead of seeing the SmartLinks you opened or shared displayed on your homepage, you will see a searchable list of Live SmartLinks.

Instead of seeing this:

You will see this:

  • The “Explore” section is where all active SmartLinks are displayed, sorted by descending number of referrers.
  • The “SmartLinks” section is where the SmartLinks you interacted with are displayed, sorted by the latest activity -that is, the latest time they have been viewed or clicked.
  • The “Campaigns” section lists all Donation, Token sales, or ZoomSession campaigns you were active with, as a donator, buyer, or referrer, also listed by the latest activity.
  • The “Bookmarks” section lists all the SmartLinks you bookmarked. You can bookmark a link when presented with the SmartLink Preview.

Another nifty addition to the new Explore section is the Search function:

There you can enter a search term, and the search will return SmartLinks matching your query based on their tags, or on words in the SmartLink title or description.

What Can You Do with these New Options?

As a SmartLink referrer

Use the search function to find SmartLink that would be interesting for your friends or followers and share it with them so that both you and them can earn.

As a SmartLink Creator

There are a few things you might want to pay more attention to from now on in order to increase your SmartLink discoverability:

  1. Make sure your SmartLink is Public. When you opt to edit your SmartLink and select the Make Private option, it will not be displayed in the Explore section.

  1. Add up to 5 tags to your SmartLink
  2. Share your SmartLink with interested audiences to ensure a high number of referrer that will boost your /SmartLink visibility in the Explore section.
  3. Edit your existing SmartLinks to add tags and ensure they are public.

If you need material to explain to your friends and followers why they should open and refer SmartLinks, send them these links:

What is a SmartLink?

How do you earn from SmartLinks?

How much can you earn by sharing SmartLinks?

The philosophy behind SmartLinks

2key is a Layer2 solution to Ethereum Blockchain, that transforms today’s HTTP links into Tomorrow’s Decentralized Web. Creators of the SmartLink.

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